Fun Facts About Windshields That You Don’t Know About

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windshield replacement near me kutztown pennsylvaniaIf you are like most drivers, you don’t think about your vehicle’s windshield often. This is especially true as long as it isn’t cracked and it is doing its job. Chances are, you only look at your windshield like a sheet of glass that protects you from the elements while you are driving. However, there is much more to a windshield than that.

While we agree that a windshield doesn’t seem to do much, it is a primary safety feature of your car. This is why it is important to repair or replace it when necessary. Individuals who are driving their vehicles with a damaged windshield are seriously putting their life at risk. Many put off a repair like this because they worry about windshield replacement cost. Therefore, when looking for affordable windshield replacement near me,  Kutztown PA and surrounding area residents can count on Liberty AutoGlass to provide high quality and cost effective auto glass services.

By replacing your windshield when it requires it…

you will benefit in many ways. It protects you from the outdoor elements when you are driving. You will maintain the your safety and your passenger’s safety. When a windshield is damaged, it is unable to function properly. In a front-end collision, it prevents the occupants of your car from being ejected. In a roll over accident, it prevents the occupants of a car from being crushed. Therefore, your windshield needs to be in good condition. In this article, we will share some windshield facts that you may not know about.

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Your Windshield Is Laminated

If you have ever seen a movie where someone punches or shoots a windshield and it shatters into a million pieces, you should understand that this is just a special effect used in Hollywood. If someone were to actually punch or shoot your windshield glass, it won’t break. A real windshield is made up of two panes of glass with a flexible membrane in the middle that holds it all together if it shatters. This is one of the most important safety features in your vehicle.

Windshields Use Tempered Glass For A Reason

shattered tempered glassWindshields are made of tempered glass. To make tempered glass, it is exposed to very high heat and then is cooled down quickly. Not only is tempered glass stronger, but it will break into very tiny fragments if something hits it. This is very important for your safety if you are in an accident. While tiny pieces of glass can cut your skin, it cannot penetrate the body and cut major arteries the way that large shards of glass could. It is also good if you need to escape. Rescue personnel can use a glass punch to shatter the glass to get you out. If you are trapped, you can use the metal part of your seat belt to shatter the glass and escape safely.

Photochromic Eyewear Won’t Work While You Drive

The auto glass that is used today contains a coating that filters the UV lights from the sun. Without this filter, your interior and carpeting will fade quickly when the car is parked in the sun. It is also important for the health of your skin and eyes. Today, photochromic lenses are popular. These are lenses that look like typical glasses while you are indoors, and when your are out in the sun, the lenses get darker, turning them into sunglasses. Because of the UV coating on your windshield, your glasses won’t get darker when you are driving, even if the sun is shining. This means that you will need to buy a pair of sunglasses just for driving.

Windshields Can Be Repaired

windshield repairIf a rock kicks up and chips your windshield, it often only affects the outer layer of the glass. If you have a chip like this in your windshield and you act fast, you can have it repaired. An auto glass company can fill in the chip and it will look as though nothing happened. If you let the problem go, it will grow into a large crack. The larger the crack, the more unlikely that it is repairable. It will require a replacement instead. Since windshield replacement is is probably not the most ideal way you want to spend your money, a windshield repair is the best solution to your problem.

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High Tech Windshields Are Available And There Is More To Come

Unless you are driving one of the newest, most expensive cars on the market today, you might not know about the high-tech windshields that they are installing. There are windshields that have a built-in night vision camera so that you can easily see a person or a deer about to run in the middle of the road. Also, Mercedes-Benz is working on an interactive display windshield. These windshields will respond to gesture commands, changing the way that you drive forever.

Windshield Replacement Near Me Kutztown PA

When looking for windshield replacement near me, don’t go for the first cheap windshield replacement that you find. Make sure you find high quality windshield replacement services at affordable prices. Liberty AutoGlass offers auto glass services which include windshield replacements and repairs. Our business has been recognized and approved by the Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council. We offer mobile auto glass services which is a “windshield replacement come to you” type of service as well as in-shop services. Mobile windshield replacement is highly convenient for those who lead busy lives because their windshield replacement takes place either at their home or office. They can go about their day as they normally would.

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