How The Summer Heat Impacts Your Auto Glass

Many people notice more problems with windshield impairment, such as growing cracks or a splitting of the glass layers during the summer months. These people often think that it’s the summer heat that is having a negative impact on their auto glass. While in some respects, this is certainly true, but probably not in the way that you think.

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Temperature Change

Summer heat can definitely lead to glass problems. However, it isn’t actually the heat that causes cracks or a breakdown in the auto glass layers. Rather, it is the change in temperature that is the real culprit. During hot summer days, your windshield will contract and expand as it adjusts to the changing temperatures. Gradual fluctuations don’t typically cause a problem. However, quick changes in temperature can make your auto glass more vulnerable to damage.

What Causes The Temperature Change?

image of auto glass repair near me in tamaqua paAs the outside temperature begins to heat up, so does your auto glass. Of course, this will definitely lead to the interior temperature of your vehicle also heating up. In fact, the inside temperature of your car is often much hotter than the actual external temperature. Unfortunately, this means that it can be extremely uncomfortable when you first get into your vehicle on a hot summer day. It’s only natural that you’ll want to immediately reach for the air conditioner in an attempt to begin lowering the internal temperature as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, cranking up the AC is not a good move in this type of situation. It’s important to understand that when your auto glass is subjected to extreme summer heat. Then, when you get into your vehicle and immediately turn up the air conditioning, you will have two different temperature extremes impacting your auto glass. These competing extremes can cause glass problems. This includes windshield cracks and other windshield impairments.

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How To Reduce Extreme Temperature Changes

The best way to handle the problem of competing extremes in temperature is to lower the inside temperature of your vehicle gradually. Sure, you want to lower the heat and get comfortable as soon as possible. However, you don’t just get into your vehicle and start blasting the cold AC. Instead, start slow. Roll your windows down as you turn your air conditioner on. Also, don’t start with your AC on full blast. Rather, adjust the temperature gradually.

As the air conditioner begins to cool, you’re also letting hot air out the window. After a couple of minutes, you can put your windows back up. Then, slowly adjust the AC for more cooling power. When you take this gradual approach to lowering the temperature in your vehicle, your auto glass will have a chance to adjust to the change in temperature. So, there will be less likelihood that you’ll experience windshield problems.

Auto Glass Expands And Contracts

using car air conditionerOf course, if you have a windshield crack or chip, the fluctuating temperatures will result in your auto glass expanding and contracting. This is a normal part of the glass reacting to these changes. However, this constant fluctuation can cause any damage on your auto glass to spread. A small crack can start spreading, impairing your ability to out of it clearly. Of course, as a crack or split in the windshield grows, it also leads to even more damage. At the first sign of trouble, it’s important to get your auto glass repaired by an experienced professional.

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