The Auto Glass Repair Industry Is Unregulated: What Does This Mean?

image of driver looking for auto glass repair shop near me in White Haven PAWe live in an imperfect world, which means that anything is fair game in some industries. However, there are rules and regulations that are in place to regulate a variety of industries. For instance, the SEC regulates security. It makes sure that security is traded correctly. The SEC also ensures that only qualified persons trade on behalf of investors. There are regulations for almost every industry. However, the auto glass repair industry does not them.

As you may already know, windscreens play an important role when it comes to road safety. When this auto glass develops a crack, there is need to take action. There are two things that are done to rectify the problem. First, a whole windscreen replacement takes place. However, this is usually costly and some auto insurance policies do not cover windshield replacement. The most logical option, therefore, is to repair the auto glass.

Auto Glass Repair Process

It is important to note that not all cracks on auto glass are repairable. In many cases, only cracks that are six inches long are repairable. A special adhesive seals the crack. Unfortunately, some auto repair “experts” do not know how to decide whether to repair or replace. In some cases, they may apply the adhesive bond incorrectly, which means the crack will only get larger and reduce visibility. This will increase your risk of getting into an accident. Since the industry is unregulated and you may not know the right person to hire, it is important you take your time to check the reputation of the auto glass repair expert before hiring them to repair your auto glass.

Auto Glass Replacement

When there is proper regulation of an industry, consumers can turn to industry regulators for protection and legal recourse in case of a problem. Since the auto glass industry is not regulated, consumers have to rely on their own due diligence for safety. In that regard, the following are key factors to consider when looking for auto glass repair services:

i) Nature of Business

There are many mobile installers who only have service trucks. These trucks have everything they need to install windshields. Some of these firms do not have an actual physical address. Since you want peace of mind, you should look for an auto glass installer with an actual office and service trucks for offsite windscreen repairs. In case of anything, you should be able to come back to their office and demand a refund or to claim your warranty.

ii) Warranties

The ideal installer should deal in windshields that come with a manufacturer warranty. Furthermore, the installer should offer a warranty on their workmanship. When the adhesive has not been applied properly, the installer needs to be able to redo the job.

iii) Do Some Background Research

Ultimately, the responsibility of ensuring you get the best auto glass repair service falls on you. To find the right service provider, search the internet for reviews and testimonials. Check the BBB and see if the business is accredited. Be sure to look at their rating. Only accredited businesses with high ratings need to be considered. Furthermore, you should also learn about the different types of auto glass adhesives and their respective curing times to ensure you know when to drive your car after the installation.

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