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image of auto glass services in Effort PAThousands of families will venture out on a road trip this year, yet many neglect checking or repairing the most vulnerable area of a vehicle: windshields. It contributes 30% of the structural strength of the vehicle, and along with all the lateral uprights, it also prevents the roof from collapsing.

The windshield is the most exposed and vulnerable part of your car. It’s common for small stones and debris to create cracks in the glass while traveling to and from your destination. However, did you know even small damage to the auto glass reduces its strength up to 70%? In most cases, tempered front glass tends to resist such impacts, and your car emerges unscathed. But at other times, when the blow is precise and forceful, the glazed surface is marked. Initially, that small crack appears to be cosmetically unattractive, yet uneventful for safety. Don’t rely on how small a crack in glass appears because it’s still dangerous. Glass professionals agree that drivers need to repair windshields with cracks, even small ones, quickly.

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Why Windshield Repair Is Crucial To Safety

Many vehicle owners simply ignore a small crack, however, you risk the safety of the driver and passengers because a crack in the windshield reduces the strength of the glass. A cracked windshield shatters when it is repeatedly hit by road debris. This can cause an accident. This not only puts you and passengers at risk, but could leave you liable for the accident.

Additionally, cracked windshields are a magnet for tickets. Even if your windshield has a small crack, police will view this as obstruction of view. Most tickets average $100, and go as high as $150, but vary state by state. Imagine being on your road trip and receiving several tickets during your journey. While many drivers can get away with a warning or citation to simply fix the glass within 30 days, many states have implemented mandatory tickets.

Other Consequences Of Driving With A Damaged Windshield

windshield repairVehicle owners often concentrate on the obvious reasons to have cracks in windshields repaired, but consider the other consequences.

  1. Cracks in windshields render a vehicle vulnerable to mother nature, like leaks from rain, cold and snow in the winter, and high temperatures in the summer.
  2. Damaged windshields become easier to break, and leave automobiles vulnerable to break-ins and thefts.
  3. Some destinations can deny entry because of cracked windshields since it opens the door to liability.

During a road trip, these are the last issues a family wants to worry about.

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The Key To Windshield Repair

Of course vehicle owners try and select the most inexpensive method to fixing auto glass, like store-bought DIY kits, or even trying to replace the windshield themselves. The biggest problem is kits only include resin, but there is a step-by-step process to repairing auto glass that professionals practice. When replacing a windshield, professionals seal the glass  fully sealed. This is to ensure that debris and water cannot enter the vehicle.

Injected resin is used cold. Then, an ultraviolet lamp hardens it and sets the glass. Professionals can also determine the strength of the repaired windshield. They can also determine whether the glass could pass safety checks.

Additional Road Trip Tips:


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Before embarking on a road trip, it’s imperative to ensure your vehicle is road ready, and that includes checking all the parts of the car, even the windshield.

Liberty AutoGlass offers honest, professional, and affordably priced windshield repair and replacement services. All of our technicians are SIKA certified and we have been approved by The Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council. When you hire us to address your damaged auto glass, we will always keep your safety in mind. We also offer mobile services where we can come to you for any repair or replacement that you may need. Be sure to give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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