What Will The Future Of Cars Be Like?

Image Of Autonomous Car And Windshield Repair Services In Hellertown PAThe cars of the future will be unlike any on the road today because advances in technologies such as machine/computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) will have enabled manufacturers to introduce vehicles that will feature autonomous driving, biometrics, and much more. To this end, Tesla’s semi-autonomous cars give a glimpse, albeit limited, of future cars. Keep reading to learn how the vehicles of the future will be like.


The cars of tomorrow are likely to have windscreens that also function as driving aids and entertainment/content hubs when parked. Several automakers including GM and Jaguar Land Rover have already produced prototypes that use augmented reality technology to project speed, fuel level, weather, and collision/obstacle information on the windscreen. Windscreens will project route map details. This feature will make it easier for drivers to access the information they need. Algorithms will be used to ensure only relevant information is overlaid on the windscreen.

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Fully Autonomous

Unlike the cars available today, future cars will be fully autonomous. This means that they will be able to navigate through all kinds of road traffic without the intervention of humans. Currently, the lidar systems that provide cars with self-driving capabilities require human intervention regularly. According to a Bloomberg report, Google’s Waymo cars have the most advanced self-driving capabilities. They only require human intervention every 5,000 km or so. Surprisingly, traditional car makers such as Ford and GM are playing catch up to Elon Musk’s Tesla.

Interact With Occupants

biometrics and carsFuture cars are designed to interact with passengers in multiple ways. For instance, using facial recognition technology, or biometrics, to determine the moods of passengers and then playing suitable music. This technology can also prevent intruders from breaking into your vehicle. Content is likely to be provided in a personalized augmented reality format that supports merging to provide highly immersive experiences even when subjects are thousands of miles apart. This technological marvel is hinged on highly advanced and fault-resistant artificial intelligence algorithms.

Greener Cars

Tesla’s unrelenting pursuit of electric-driven cars has started a race that will culminate in cars that do not emit environmental pollutants. Car brands that do not invest in green propulsion technology will be replaced by tech-driven startups such as Tesla. This will push the cars in use today to the vehicle-collector’s category. Car enthusiasts who take advantage of this opportunity will reap handsomely.


Thanks to highly accurate self-driving technology, the cars of tomorrow will be safer. This will, in turn, lead to fewer accidents, lower coverage premiums, and more pleasant travel experiences. In turn, this will reduce the financial burden associated with car accidents such as, hospitalization, insurance compensation, and lost productivity. However, these benefits will only be experienced fully in technologically advanced countries. Therefore, this means that developing nations must invest heavily in tech-development to enjoy the same benefits.

More Versatile

The cars of tomorrow are likely to have the capability of adapting to different on-demand transport roles. Data collection and mining foundation allows for features like this. Therefore, it will accurately predict the intentions of each user.


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Therefore, future cars will be safer, greener (emit minimal or no environmental pollutants), fully autonomous, more versatile, and more interactive. All these benefits will be driven by very complex and highly accurate artificial intelligence algorithms.

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