Tips On Keeping Your Car Cool This Summer

image of person after windshield repair service in walnutport paDuring the summer, the temperature inside a car is typically much higher than the temperature outside. For this reason, you should keep your car’s interior cool in the summer. Here are tips on keeping your car cool this summer to get you started.

When It’s Parked

To keep your car cool when it’s parked, do the following:

Cover Seats:

This is a relatively inexpensive way to keep your car cool in the summer. The blankets will not only shield your car’s seats from direct sunlight, but also absorb heat. Consequently, the seats will remain cool even if you park your car under direct sunlight. Alternatively, you can use wet beach towels to achieve the same effect. In fact, this is a good way to dry wet beach towels. When you return to your car, you can simply toss your dry towels/blanket into the trunk or on the floor.

Besides blankets and wet beach towels, you can also use sun shades to achieve this goal. Sunshades are essentially protective heat shields that prevent sunlight from reaching the interior of a car. They have a reflective surface, an aluminum-like surface, that reflects sunlight, thereby shielding the interior from scorching sun as well as UV rays. They typically cover the windshield, but some are designed to cover the back window.

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Leverage The Power Of Evaporation:

You can leverage the power of evaporation to keep your car cool, especially if you park in the sun. More specifically, when you return to your car, wipe down the surfaces most exposed to heat with a wet towel. Such surfaces include the dashboard, steering wheel, seats, safety buckles and gearshift. The water from the towel will absorb heat from these surfaces, evaporate and therefore cool your car’s interior.

Park In The Shade:

Parking in the shade is probably the easiest way to keep your car cool. If you are unable to park your entire car in the shade, ensure the front part is in the shade in order to keep the dashboard, front seats and steering wheel cool.

When It’s In Motion

To ensure your car remains cool while in motion, do the following:

Correct Tire Pressure:

checking tire pressureTires are particularly prone to summer heat. To protect your car’s tires from the heat, ensure you use the correct tire pressure for summer, which is typically indicated in the owner’s manual.


Also known as antifreeze, coolant is vital in the summer because it would prevent the engine from overheating. For this reason, always check to ensure you have enough coolant in your car.

Window Tinting:

Window tinting films regulate the amount of light that passes through them. This means that they can block a percentage of sunlight from getting into your car’s interior, thereby keeping your car cool. However, it is important to note that there are window tinting laws in the US. Specifically, any window tinting film that does not allow at least 70% of light to pass through is illegal in the US.



To keep your car cool in the summer while it’s parked, cover the seats with a blanket/wet tower, use a sunshade, park in the shade and leverage the power of evaporation. While it’s in motion, use the correct tire pressure, ensure you have enough coolant and apply window tints.

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