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Winter Car Tips: How To Protect Your Car Without A Garage This Winter

Staying inside a garage when not in use is the ideal scenario for a car in the winter. The problem is that not everyone has a garage. This leaves their cars vulnerable to the cold. In this article, we discuss some strategies that you can use to protect your car without a garage this winter.

how to drive safely in the winter

How To Protect Your Windshield During The Winter

When it comes to prepping cars for the cold season, most motorists think about switching to winter tires, checking brake pads and ensuring the heating system works perfectly. However, not many think about how they could protect their car’s windshield during the icy months. Being able to see the road clearly when driving is highly important. You, thus, need to take some measures to protect your windshield during winter. Click through to read more on this topic.

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