Can A Windshield Chip Be Repaired Twice?

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Windshields can sustain damage due to debris, stones, and other hazards. Perform regular windshield inspection to spot windshield cracks and chips right away. As soon as you spot issues, send the car over to an auto glass repair shop for solutions. Windshield chip repairs will usually involve the injection of resin on the affected area. This is formulated to strengthen the glass and prevent the crack from getting worse. However, this remedy will not work all the time. If the problem was not contained, then you may start to wonder whether you can go back for the second round of repairs. This article answers the question, “Can a windshield chip be repaired twice?”.

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Can A Windshield Chip Be Repaired More Than Once?

The answer will depend on where the windshield damage appears. If a windshield chip develops in another area, then windshield repairs can commence. The car can be sent to a shop for multiple windshield repairs as long as it is a different spot each time. However, a damaged spot that has been once repaired can no longer undergo the same process. The resin that was injected into the glass cannot be removed. Neither can more resin be injected. If a windshield chip was repaired yet the problem continued to get worse, then the only option left is a windshield replacement.

Why Did Damage Spread After the Windshield Repair?

1. Dirt in the Windshield Cracks

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Avoid failed auto glass repairs by becoming aware of the common reasons behind them. First is dirty windshield cracks. Small particles can sneak inside the thin gaps and coat the surfaces. This layer can prevent the injected windshield resin from bonding to the glass. You can try to keep the damaged spot clean and use a car cover to keep dust away. However, it is difficult to completely protect the gaps from unwanted particles. The best thing to do is to act quickly in sending the windshield for repairs. This reduces the chances for dirt to get inside the windshield cracks.

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2. Bad Weather

Even if the cracks and chips are clean, the resin may still have a hard time curing properly if the weather is not ideal. Moisture from rain and extremely cold temperatures can interfere with the process. Be sure to keep a newly repaired windshield dry. Ask the shop for advice on what you can do and how long you have to wait based on current conditions in your area. The auto glass shop may also provide other tips to deal with the freezing weather so that you won’t have to worry so much about the windshield damage.

3. Complex Windshield Damage

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Sometimes what seems like a simple chipping on the glass is actually a complex problem. Perhaps it was a combination break and the initial repair was only able to cover part of the damage. An experienced auto glass professional will be able to make a correct assessment and cover the entire length of the crack.

4. Unskilled Windshield Repair

Lastly, windshield repairs can fail if the process of resin injection was not done correctly. This happens mostly when car owners make use of cheap DIY windshield repair kits. The low-quality materials and the lack of experience of the users combine to reduce the likelihood of success. That said, even professionals can make mistakes so people should choose a windshield repair shop carefully to avoid headaches.

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Why Windshield Repairs are Visible After a Repair

Car owners who are going in for windshield repair for the first time may find be concerned after seeing the results. The cracks and chips usually stay visible despite the injection of resin. Many start to question why they had to go for repairs if the damage is still plain to see. The answer is that the remedy is geared towards the prevention of further structural degradation. The resin keeps the glass together so that the cracks don’t spread. It is not there to hide the damage. There is currently no product on the market that can completely hide the blemishes. If these are bothering you, then the best course of action would be a windshield replacement.

Repairing a Windshield Multiple Times

It is possible to repair a windshield multiple times in different places. You may not revisit a crack that has already been filled with resin but you can have cracks in other areas repaired as they emerge. Do this quickly so that the new cracks don’t grow and spread to other damaged areas. Go to a specialist windshield replacement shop for advice if the glass has undergone repairs several times. There may come a point when it would be more prudent to simply replace the windshield. They can make a thorough assessment and provide professional advice.


The Importance of Choosing a Reputable Windshield Repair Shop

The success or failure of windscreen repair largely rests on the skills and experience of the attending auto glass technician. If they make a windshield repair mistake, then that would be it for the glass. It is not possible to remove the resin and redo repairs so you only have one shot to do it right. Choose a reputable windshield repair shop to have the a higher probability of success. With their help, you will be able to minimize the damage to your car and prevent costly replacements.


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