Are You Doing These Bad Habits That Cause Windshield Repairs?

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There is a popular point of view from longtime car owners that they more or less shoot themselves in the foot whenever they attempt to repair a damaged windshield themselves. While this may sound like a practical cost-saving move, it can backfire when the car windshield repair is not done correctly. Thus, the view from professionals, who replace or repair automobile glass, is to “always have an expert repair it.”

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Car Windshield Repair Concerns

While do-it-yourself is trending, many bad habits can make an auto glass repair job more difficult just because the owner decided to make the repairs themselves.

At the same time, top car glass repair professionals say there is a proper and wrong way to remove such things as insects, mold; while not using such items as household products for vehicle windshield servicing.

The bottom line is one’s automobile is a valued possession that, in turn, should be handled with proper care. Thus, it is in one’s best interest to seek out professional car glass repair experts to even sort out such things as infestations of bugs that can damage glass if not removed the right way.

At the same time, some things can damage auto glass including:

  • Using Sponges and Towels to Clean the Glass: This can leave hairline scratches in the glass.
  • Removing Decals With Keys: This can also scratch glass needlessly because experts can remove decals with proven best results.
  • Keeping Old Windshield Wipers: This can damage glass by causing small cuts in the glass due to the old windshield having sharp edges.
  • Getting Car Glass Tinted At Home: This can result in needless damage caused by the use of non-professional products.
  • Not Parking Cautiously: This can put your auto glass at risk from outside debris and other things that damage windshields.
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Why Should Auto Glass Replacement & Repair Be Left For A Professional?


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Another aspect of breaking any bad habits related to windshield repair is linked to simple common sense.

For instance, there is the safety issue of windshield replacement that most car owners may not be aware of. For example, when a windshield crack or chip seems like something easy to repair leading to a “do-it-yourself” idea. In fact, repairing and replacing auto glass using DIY techniques is a real hassle and a real safety issue.

“I tried to replace my car windshield after noticing this long crack,” explained a longtime automobile owner online. “After installation of a new window there was a bit of vibration that turned into the entire windshield collapsing into our front seats while driving one day,” added the car owner with a deep sense of chagrin about trying to do the job himself. Moreover, the owner said his rookie repairs probably resulted in the windshield cracking further due to non-proper repair. The point of this is “do not repair or replace a windshield without professional help”.

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Automobile Glass Replacement Tips

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Other tips for automobile glass replacement include:

  • Deciding if your windshield replacement will be part of a car insurance claim; while not all insurance covers chips or cracks smaller than say a quarter. The best advice is to check your insurance coverage before shopping around for auto glass solutions.
  • Consider the best warranty after the repair by an auto glass professional.
  • Surf the Internet for a windshield expert in your area.

In general, it is the car owner’s responsibility to review the crack or damaged window. They need to determine if it’s covered under their auto or car insurance warranty. There is also the concept of “investigating” who or what caused the cracked or damaged windshield. At Liberty AutoGlass, we handle your insurance claim from start to finish. This way, we take the complexity out of your hands.

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Car Window Repair Strategy

At the end of the day, it is your automobile that needs repair after something or someone caused your car windshield damage. The car insurance industry reports more than 2 million cars in America each year experience windshield repairs and replacements for a wide range of reasons. This includes some defects in the window, allowing for the car’s warranty to cover this damaged and vital part of the automobile. There are many well-known windshield repairs and replacement services that feature affordable windshield repair costs for quick replacement when warranted or approved by your car insurance agent. The view “who pays” is also part and parcel of any windshield replacement today because most automobile policies cover this replacement 100% because “it’s a serious safety issue.”


Expert Windshield Repair Services Are The Best

There is a view that only a true car windshield expert can adequately fix cracked windows in cars.

Still, many drivers just ignore chips and cracks in their windscreens. They don’t realize that most automobile insurance policies cover this type of repair 100%. It is a major driving safety issue. At the same time, there is a greater focus on car safety today. More and more “preventable” accidents are exposed by the automobile insurance industry with “damaged windscreens” at the top of the list of car safety concerns. The remedy is to directly call a car windscreen repair expert to get the job done.

Overall, there has never been a better time for car owners to get their broken or cracked windshields repaired with real peace of mind by professionals.

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