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Not hiring a professional is probably the most common mistake people make when dealing with broken auto glass. There are DIY auto glass repair kits out there that are fairly inexpensive. It’s easy enough to get information about how to use these kits online. You can also find professionals who are used to working with auto glass that post videos on the Internet.

They certainly make the process look much easier than it really is. Some drivers check these videos out, buy a kit, and then proceed to do far more damage to their auto glass. Repairing auto glass takes the necessary skills in order to do it properly without compromising your safety. Liberty AutoGlass, an Emmaus PA auto glass repair service, discusses some of the most common issues that they see when it comes to auto glass repair.

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Common Mistakes Made With Broken Auto Glass

Below, we share some of the most common issues that we see with auto glass repairs.


Ignoring The Problem

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This isn’t by any means the only mistake people make. Many drivers assume that a small crack can be safely ignored. If it weren’t for the fact that there’s a physical chip in the windshield, then they might actually forget there’s any problem at all. What they might not realize is that the physical motion of driving a car can actually make that crack spider across the entire windshield. Eventually, the glass could even shatter. Waiting until the entire windshield has to be replaced actually wastes money. This is why it is important to take action quickly when the crack first happens.

Cracked Glass Outside Your Field Of Vision

If the crack is completely outside of the driver’s line of vision, then many drivers feel that it isn’t an issue at all. Some people don’t even realize cracks are there. They’d gladly get repairs done if they knew that there was a problem, but since they don’t regularly inspect their car’s auto glass, they don’t know that there are cracks in it, to begin with. Make sure to check your windshield regularly for cracks that might be outside of your field of vision. Take a look at the auto glass from outside of the car. This can make damaged areas very obvious.

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Opting Out Of The Warranty

image of a warranty for auto glassNot all mistakes come from those who try to fix it themselves. Some drivers will pay to have their auto glass repaired, but they then neglect to ask for a warranty. Always be sure to get one in case something goes wrong later on. Glass replacement is a pretty tricky business. It’s best to be prepared in case something comes up down the line.

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Buying Unofficial Parts

You could theoretically save a ton of money by buying auto glass from a non-OEM supplier. The unofficial auto glass would catch insects and keep out the rain, but it wasn’t tested by the automaker to ensure that it was completely safe. Windshields are an important part of safety behind the wheel.

When you have problems with your windshield, be sure to go with a trusted company. It can be tempting to do it yourself or to take your car to the cheapest place you can find. Don’t fall into these traps. Doing a little bit of research now can save you a lot of money in the future.


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