Windshield Cracks? Here’s What To Do

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When you are dealing with windshield cracks, then it is time to call in the professionals at Liberty AutoGlass. We offer affordable auto glass services that can keep you safe while driving on the road. After all, your windshield is a primary safety feature of your car. So, keeping it in excellent condition is an effective way of ensuring your safety in an accident.

When working with us, we will quickly repair or replace your windshield, using only the best materials that the auto glass industry has to offer. We offer affordable prices because, as a family-owned business, we stand by the quality of service that we deliver to our customers. Living up to our honest business principles is how we have earned our good name.

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Top Causes For Windshield Cracks

windshield cracks for a frisbie car driverWindshields are vital as they keep people safe and secure while riding in a vehicle. Caring for it should be a high priority. If a crack emerges, then the car should be sent for repairs immediately. If the damage is extensive, then a replacement glass should be installed. However, only a professional should repair or replace your windshield. You are playing with your safety when searching the Internet for “how to fix long crack in windshield” or choose to use a cracked windshield repair kit. To prevent cracks or chips, you can be mindful of the top causes for windshield cracks.

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Car Accidents

The worst cases of windshield damage tend to occur from major accidents. When two vehicles collide at high speed, the force of impact puts a tremendous amount of stress on the glass. This stress leads to cracks and breakage. It is a scary situation that can result in cuts and bruises among the occupants of the auto. You can avoid crashes by:

  • adhering to speed limits
  • following traffic rules
  • being extra careful during the night
  • shunning alcohol when driving

Storm Debris

windshield repair serviceOur vehicles are no match for nature’s fury. Severe weather can wreak havoc on anything that it exposes itself to. Storms are particularly destructive since strong winds accompany them. The wind can sometimes lift debris from the ground and throw it around. If these objects hit the windshield, then cracks could develop at the points of contact. Keep track of the weather and make sure to tuck your car somewhere safe when storms come in.

Gravel Roads

Small hard objects are a common cause of windshield damage. For instance, fast cars traveling on loose gravel roads may send bits of gravel flying up into the air. Vehicles that are unfortunate enough to follow them on the road usually end up being the targets of this flying gravel.

A construction truck carrying bulk materials can have the same effect. The damage is often minimal but even minor rock chips can develop into large cracks over time. If you are wondering “how do you stop a windshield crack from spreading?”, then be sure to conduct a thorough inspection on a regular basis. Repairs must be performed immediately to prevent the damage from spreading.

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Extreme Temperature Fluctuations

woman in need of windshield replacementOwners must also avoid subjecting their cars and windshields to extreme temperatures. For instance, the vehicle may be parked outside where it is baking in the sun the whole day. Both the glass and the seal can heat up considerably, causing them to expand. This expansion can result in small cracks, especially when you start blasting the air conditioner. Those that live in cold climates should also avoid exposing their cars to the cold for extended periods. When warming it up, make sure to do it slowly.

Rapid Pressure Changes

It may be fun to push the speed, but it is also quite risky. Your car can become unstable, and you might collide with another vehicle. Speeding can cause some damage to the automobile or yourself. For example, the high speed means that the windshield is pushing against the wind with elevated pressure. It’s as if a solid object hit the glass. Cracks can emerge from this episode.

Frisbie Windshield Cracks

When looking for “cracked windshield repair near me”, be sure to use a professional and reputable auto glass shop in your area. You can call Liberty AutoGlass when you need a windshield replacement or a windshield repair. We offer the best cracked windshield repair cost in northeastern PA and you can trust us to do a great job to keep you safe. You can depend on our superb workmanship, quality glass, competitive rates, and responsive customer service. Schedule a visit today.

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