Signs That Your Windshield Installation Is Faulty

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The windshield is one of the most critical parts of any vehicle when it comes to safety.

If there is a need to get it replaced because of a crack or chip, it needs to be done correctly. Car owners may not realize that many windshield installation and repair companies cut corners. Therefore, it is vital to choose an auto glass shop that uses the latest advancements in the industry along with the correct procedures when it comes to windshield repair and replacement.

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Signs That Your Dealing With A Faulty Windshield Installation Stroudsburg PA

How can someone tell if the windshield installation has been done correctly? Here are a few signs to look out for during the installation and post-installation.

One Person Did The Windshield Installation

It is impossible to do a proper windshield replacement with just one set of hands. Windshields are too big, and getting it lined up would not work. Remember, just a minor alignment issue can cause issues down the road.

Proper Protection, Time And Care Is Ignored

There are a few things that every single windshield installation service should provide.

For starters, gloves should be worn during the process because the adhesive can be sensitive to oils from hands. Just a little problem can cause leakage with a windshield.

Installing a windshield also takes time, and can’t just be snapped in instantly. The molding needs look as sharp as it did when the car was brand new. No bumps should be visible at all.

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The Auto Glass Company Can’t Provide Specifics On The New Windshield

If a company can’t confirm where the replacement glass came from, walk away. The likely used parts that were much cheaper to save money and cut corners. Any company out there that is hoping to satisfy their customers will make sure that they use genuine parts. It is always best to order original glass from the vehicle manufacturer directly.

Yes, it can be costly to get an official new windshield to replace the old one. It is the best way to go to have the right amount of safety.

The Company Promised Things Other Windshield Companies Could Not

cheap windshield repairIt is natural that in a competitive world, businesses are going to try to do whatever possible to get new customers. When companies start to become dishonest, that’s a significant problem. An entirely new windshield is inevitably going to cost a decent amount of money because there are no cutting corners on the glass of that quality. If a business is offering a killer deal, it’s probably too good to be true.

If the company claims they can have their customers back on the road in under an hour, this is another sign that they are dishonest. No adhesive works fast enough to make it okay to drive a car just minutes after a new windshield is installed. That is just asking for problems. Water seepage at any point should not be tolerated.

If the windshield is not adequately protecting against water while it is raining, how can it stand up to something much more severe? A leaking windshield is a massive issue if, at any point, water seepage is noticed, be sure to take the proper precautions right away.

A lot of people in dry climates or during the summer might not notice right away that they have an issue with water seepage. That is why it is recommended by many to get a car wash soon after a new windshield is installed. It acts a bit like a test to see if the windshield was installed correctly.

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New Windshield Noises Are Noticeable

There is nothing worse than picking up a car that had work done and then notice a weird sound on the drive home. A windshield, obviously, should not be making noise. Unfortunately, it is only going to get a lot worse if something is not done about that. Try to drive the car on the highway the first few days after the installation to make sure things don’t start rattling around at 60 mph.

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