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What To Do After Getting A New Windshield Installed

driver after an installation of a new windshieldSignificant damage calls for a new windshield installation. It requires a bit of downtime but it’s a necessary step to ensure good vision while driving. Make sure your new glass performs as well as it should. Take extra care during the first few days to let things settle properly. Also, you should follow these helpful tips:

Examine The Installation

Check everything thoroughly after the process has been completed. Trace the seal to look for bubbles or gaps along the line. Try to spot misalignments or any other potential problems right away so that the technicians can make immediate corrections. If the weather permits, then take your vehicle out for a short drive just to confirm that the new glass holds up well. There should not be any rattling or air noise around it. Always make sure that when installing a new windshield that you use a professional who uses the right windshield installation adhesive. Do not be tempted to use a windshield installation kit. Your windshield is a primary safety feature and so you want it to hold up well in an accident. Only a professional has the skills and knowledge to properly install a windshield.

Get The Paperwork In Order

You never know what will happen in the future. What seems to be alright today could prove to be faulty tomorrow. Therefore, you should make sure that you have the complete paperwork with you. Keep the receipt and the warranty agreement. Read the terms so that you know your rights. Should something happen, you can refer to the document and contact the windshield provider right away. Ask them about the coverage and limitations for clarity.

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Wait Before Driving

sika safe drive away timeThe windshield’s edges will be covered in adhesives to help keep it in place and prevent air from escaping. This will take a bit of time to cure. The first hour is absolutely crucial. Make sure that you allow things to settle for at least 60 minutes prior to using the car. Don’t drive it until then as the vibrations could have an adverse impact on the seals.

Leave The Tapes As Needed

It might be unsightly, but using tape to secure the windshield molding on the car has proven to be effective. Leave them on for at least 24 hours after the installation. They provide much-needed support during this period. It may look odd but it will save you from headaches later on.

Be Gentle For 48 Hours

The truth is that we should always be gentle with our cars and not abuse these machines. However, we should be extra careful with them in the initial 48 hours from the time of the installation. It takes this much time on average for the adhesive to completely dry out. This could be shorter or longer depending on the environmental conditions. If you slam the door, then a puncture could develop along the seal. Consider rolling down the windows slightly. Guide the doors gently when you close them.

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Avoid Putting Weight On The Windshield

Since the glass isn’t fully settled, it’s a good idea to avoid pushing against it or putting weight on it for about two days. Don’t replace the dash mat during this period. Try not to use sunshade as well. If it is particularly hot, then park the car in a shaded area instead. Let the urethane dry out before returning to your normal habits just to be on the safe side.

Steer Clear Of Cash Washes

If your car looks dirty, then consider cleaning it before having a windshield installed. The new glass and its trims will be very sensitive so you will have to avoid the car wash for around two days. This is especially true for high-pressure washes. The force can be great enough to displace the moldings and ruin everything. If you really want to clean your vehicle, then opt for old-fashioned hand wash instead. However, it is best to wait.

Check Your Routes

Your windshield has already been damaged once. Don’t let it happen again. Take note of when the previous incident happened and avoid driving through the same spot. Look around for other potential problem areas like construction sites where debris might fall without warning. Develop alternative routes to stay safe.


Windshield Installation

For the best results, search for the best and most professional “windshield installation near me”. Experienced technicians will replace your damaged glass with a high-quality unit for peace of mind. Take good care of it and it will serve you for years to come.

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