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Your windshield is held in place to the frame of your car by the molding. The molding is also responsible for keeping water, air, and other debris from sneaking into your vehicle. When you notice water inside your car after a rainstorm, or after washing your car, you might be dealing with a leaking windshield. This issue is not only a frustrating problem for drivers but a safety hazard as well.

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What To Do About Your Windshield Leak Repair Kutztown PA

In this article, we will discuss the steps you need to take when you have a leaky windshield.

Effects of A Leaky Windshield

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Your windshield is a primary safety feature of your car. In a roll-over or a head-on collision, it keeps you safe inside the vehicle, and it prevents you from getting crushed. Therefore, it provides stability to your entire car, and it can save your life. With that being said, you should never underestimate a leaking windshield. It could just be a pinhole-sized hole, but the accumulated water that will go through it can cause multiple side effects. These consequences can cause harm not only to your car but you and your family as well.

A few effects of a leaky windshield is that your windows will fog up. Also, you will find that your car has a moist interior or carpets, a musty smell, and discoloration. You may even see that you have rust stains on your carpet mats. However, what you need to watch out for is mold growth. The dampness caused by the leak encourages mold and bacteria colonies to grow inside your vehicle. Mold can cause permanent damage to your car. Also, it can create a variety of health effects including throat irritation, coughing and sneezing, eye irritation, and severe skin allergies, to name a few.

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Diagnosing Windshield Leaks

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It is essential to check your windshield for leaks regularly. Cracks or chips on your windshield are easy to spot. However, you can’t always tell where the leak is coming from especially if the hole is tiny. Listed below are a few tips on how to perform a windshield leak test.

The Soapy Water Test

Pour soapy water on the trim area of your windshield’s exterior. Turn your heater blower to defrost. Alternatively, you can ask a friend or family member to blow air onto the interior windshield edges using an air nozzle. Look for bubbles while you stand outside. These soapy bubbles are indications that there are leaks present.

The Host Test

You will need an assistant for this test. Ask your assistant to sit in front and close all windows and doors properly. Using a garden hose, shower the outside of your car. Remember to use low water pressure only. Start from the lowest point of the windshield and work your way up. Your assistant inside the car should be able to spot where the water begins to enter the cabin.

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Other Causes Of Leaks

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If you’ve done these tests and assessed that the leak isn’t coming from your windshield, then you should check other areas. Your doors are the next place you should look at. Like your windshield, your car doors also have seals to keep moisture out. However, regular wear and tear can deteriorate these seals over time.

If your car has a sunroof, it can be another cause of water leaks. Check the seals on your sunroof. Otherwise, you’ll end up getting dripped on when the next rainstorm comes.

A broken air conditioner can also cause leaks. Condensation is a natural occurrence when using your car’s AC. However, it is designed to release condensation outside. A broken A/C might leak water in your car’s interior instead.

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Once you have determined that you have a leaky windshield, then it is time to seal it up. Be sure to contact a professional auto glass shop immediately. A professional can take care of your windshield leaks in no time while maintaining the value of your vehicle.

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The value of your car can go down if rust or mold ruin its interior. Luckily, these issues are easily preventable. When you need auto glass services, contact Liberty AutoGlass.

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