Winter Care For Your Windshield: Tips For Your Auto Glass

Most drivers don’t give their auto glass a whole lot of thought until it’s actually damaged. However, this is one of the most important parts of their vehicles. It acts as a protective barrier against the wind and other outside elements. It also plays a critical role in supporting the overall structural of an automobile’s frame.

When vehicles are involved in rollover accidents…
windshield repair near me in lehighton pennsylvaniasolid and well-maintained auto glass can actually prevent the roof from caving in. Likewise, when you are in an accident, your windshield also prevents you from being ejected. It allows your air bags to deploy properly. Also, glass that lacks chips, scratches, and cracks allows for optimum visibility. There’s really no good way to drive defensively when you cannot see all that lies ahead. When your windshield is damaged, you can count on the services that Liberty AutoGlass has to offer like windshield repair. Lehighton PA and nearby area residents can use these services to keep their auto glass in tip top shape during the winter season. In this article, you will find several windshield winter care tips to help you keep your auto glass in tact.

Repair Or Replace Your Damaged Auto Glass

Minor rock chips and scratches are often things that drivers overlook. Many simply put off repairing it until a later date. Unfortunately, constant exposure to high wind can cause chips and cracks to spread. Cracks and chips put you at risk for a citation. Also, these minor damages can also make your glass more likely to break on impact. It is important to have an auto glass inspection by a reputable professional. This way you can learn whether or not these issues are extensive enough to warrant repairs. Auto glass companies can also identify problems like poor installation, damaged seals, or other issues that are compromising the safety of your windows.

Avoid Dramatic Temperature Changes

As with all glass items, auto glass is prone to damage.

This is especially true whenever it undergoes dramatic temperature changes within a very nominal amount of time. This includes pitting, cracking, and even shattering.

On the frostiest mornings of winter, some de-ice their windows by liberally pouring on boiling water. Although this will certainly get the job done quickly, it can also result in irreparable damages to your auto glass. It is far better to use warm water from the tap instead. There are plenty of de-icing sprays that you can purchase in order to achieve this task much faster and safer than if you were to use boiling water. Most importantly, go about de-icing your windows each morning with plenty of patience and time.

Invest In An Ice Scraper

The best way to avoid shattered glass on icy winter mornings is by de-icing your windows with an ice scraper. This will eliminate the likelihood of dramatic temperature changes entirely. It will also allow you to get truly ice-free windows that provide an excellent level of visibility. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about sloshing water on yourself!

Avoid Auto Glass Repair Kits

winter windshield tipsOnce damaged auto glass warrants a repair, you should definitely have it inspected by seasoned professionals. Auto glass companies can determine what type of service you need. They will determine whether or not it’s actually safe to repair or replace your windshield. Although auto glass repair kits are definitely the cheapest solution, these products do little by way of restoring overall integrity. In fact, usually these kits result in a full replacement. This is true even when the windshield only required a repair in the first place.

Keep Your Windows Clean

In order to protect the blades on your windshield wipers…

always make an effort to keep your windows clean. Small bits of frozen and abrasive debris can wreak havoc on these components. They can also increase the likelihood of minor scratches on the windshield. Even though these micro-scratches hardly seem like more than an aesthetic issue, they will definitely make it more difficult to see clearly.


Windshield Repair Near Me Lehighton PA

When you are interested in finding mobile auto glass replacement near me or windshield repair near me, be sure to contact the professionals at Liberty AutoGlass. All of our auto glass experts are trained and certified to make sure that your windshield or other auto glass is safe and winter-ready. We offer mobile services and all of our service costs are upfront and reasonably priced. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.



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