How To Protect Your Windshield From Rain

image of windshield repair services Albrightsville PAAlthough rain is calmer than other forms of precipitation, huge storms can be just as threatening as hail or heavy snow. If you’ve recently driven during a rainstorm, it’s very likely that your windshield could have taken a beating. This is because most drivers tend turn the windshield wiper speed to the maximum. The result is immense friction which leaves scratches and cracks on the windshield. While rain isn’t usually of great concern, there are a few precautions you could take to protect your windshield against rain. Here are some key pointers to keep in mind.

Are Your Wiper Blades Up To The Task?

The importance of investing in proper wiper blades and replacing them regularly cannot be overstated. Your blades must deliver even pressure to ensure they sweep cleanly without leaving streaks on the glass. Don’t wait until your blades are falling apart to replace them.

Proper maintenance is also vital in keeping wiper blades in working condition. While wipers will typically require replacement every 6 months, the duration needs to be shortened if they’re frequently used in heavy storms. Examine your wipers regularly to ensure they’re still functional. If they show signs of aging, such as tears and cracks on the rubber, replace them immediately because they could scratch the glass when in use. You can find your car’s wiper blade specifications in the owner’s manual.

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Keeping Your Windshield Working Properly

Although a clean windshield has no direct correlation with rain, it has an effect on the wipers. Dirty glass will expose the wiper blades to tears and cracks on the rubber. This will in turn end up damaging the windshield the next time the wipers are used. Besides keeping your windshield clean, you’ll need to invest in a rain repellent.

Although waterproofing your windshield isn’t necessary, it can prevent rapid wear and tear on the wipers, which ultimately goes to preserving the glass. A rain repellent will ward off water without having to run your wipers at full speed. It works by adding a beading element to the glass which rapidly diminishes raindrops so that they fall away quickly. This not only reduces friction on the glass (which tends to worsen pre-existing damage), but also improves visibility, thanks to reduced streaking.

You can find various rain repellents at your local automotive store. But for any product to work properly, good wipers are absolutely necessary. You therefore need to inspect your blades and the applied repellent for wear on a regular basis. And before application, the glass has to be thoroughly cleaned and left to dry to ensure proper functioning.

Park Cautiously

how to protect your windshield when driving in the rainBefore parking your car, examine the surroundings. Avoid areas under trees with weak branches that could fall off and damage your car. Additionally, avoid spots with debris that could be picked up by the wind and cause harm to your vehicle. It would be advisable to opt for covered parking whenever possible.

By following these recommendations, you’ll certainly prevent costly damage to your windshield. And the tips are relatively easy to follow. As such, you shouldn’t hesitate to implement them as they could save you time and money in windshield repair in future.

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Your windshield plays an important role for your safety. Not only does it protect you from the elements but it also prevents you or your passengers from being ejected out of  your vehicle in an accident. Therefore, it is important that you take care of it. When your windshield wipers are cracked or worn out, they can cause significant damage to your windshield. Your windshield gets scratched which leads to visual impairment. Also, be sure that your windshield doesn’t have any cracks or chips in it. A chip or a crack will also sabotage your windshield’s ability to keep you safe in an accident. When your windshield is in need of repair, you will need the services of an experienced auto glass repair company.

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