Does My Windshield Damage Require A Full Windshield Replacement?

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Every vehicle that is driven on public roads must have a windscreen that is in perfect condition. Broken windshields can pose a great danger to the driver as well as other road users. That is why prompt repairs or replacement is highly recommended.

It is important to note that windshields usually protect the driver from the oncoming wind and debris, thereby ensuring the driver can see the road ahead correctly. Secondly, it protects the driver from the elements to ensure they can drive comfortably regardless of environmental conditions. Thirdly, this auto glass prevents the driver as well as the valuables inside the car from being thrown out of the vehicle when there is a crash. If your windshield has cracks measuring more than 6 inches, you should have it replaced immediately.

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Windshield Repair Vs. Windshield Replacement Parryville PA

Auto glass experts can repair windshields in two types of situations. First and foremost, if your windshield has a chip or a small crack, it can be repaired effectively. You can drive your car safely and legally once the small chip or crack has been fixed. If the cracks get larger in the future, however, you will have to replace the windshield. Many competent windshield repair experts have perfected the art of repairing chips and cracks, so be sure to look for the right auto glass service provider.

Secondly, you can repair a windshield that has a large crack or multiple chips as a temporary measure until you can afford a new windshield or until you can drive to your preferred auto glass repair shop. If you will be paying for the replacement with your auto insurance, you can fix the windshield and drive to a repair shop that has been approved by your insurer. Liberty AutoGlass works with most insurance companies and we take care of filing your claim from start to finish. Call now to find out more information on what Liberty AutoGlass can do for you!

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What Affects The Decision To Replace Or Repair A Windshield?

cracked windshieldWhen an expert takes a look at your damaged windscreen, they will consider several factors and advise you whether or not you can repair your windshield. Usually, the depth and location of the damage are the determining factors.

The depth of the crack or chip on a windscreen will determine if it requires a windshield replacement. Since windscreens have an inner, middle, and outer layer, any damage that affects the three layers is not repairable. If the crack or chip has only affected the outer layer, they can usually repair the auto glass effectively.

The location of the damage will also determine whether the windscreen can be repaired or not. If the damage affects the structural integrity of the windshield, then you will require a windshield replacement. For instance, if there are deep cracks around the outer edges of the windscreen, a replacement must be done. Please note that the windshield accounts for over two-thirds of the structural integrity of a vehicle when it rolls over. If the damage has affected the structural integrity of your windshield, therefore, you must replace it promptly as this is a safety issue.

If the cracks or chips are within the driver’s line of sight, then you will require a windshield replacement. After all, any repairs, even if they restore the structural integrity of the windshield, will compromise visibility. Please note that even the best repairs can distort the clarity of a windshield.

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From the explanation above, it is clear that not all damaged windshields require a full replacement. However, you should let an expert advise you accordingly on whether to repair or replace. Since unscrupulous auto glass service providers stand to make more money from replacement than repairs, some of them may recommend a replacement when your windshield can be fixed. That is why every consumer should have the information provided above. Also, be sure to also take your time to find a reputable, competent and trustworthy service provider to repair or replace your windshield.

The best way to deal with any auto glass damage is to take immediate action. Quick repairs and replacements help ensure that you and your passengers will stay safe on the roads. Consider Liberty AutoGlass if you are looking for an experienced and dependable auto glass shop. Our team can provide windshield repairs and replacements with excellent results. We also work with all major insurance companies and can handle your claim from start to finish.

The shop is composed of certified technicians with the skills and experience to deal with any related problems. You can expect honest assessments, reasonable rates, and exceptional services. Call Liberty AutoGlass to schedule a free estimate today.

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