Once or twice a year, or when you notice a difference in driving visibility, you may need a windshield wiper replacement. Wiper blades can begin to skip, chatter, squeak, streak, or smear, reducing driving visibility when they don’t make proper contact with the windshield.

A fun and easy way to remember to replace your wiper blades is to change them on Groundhog Day. New wiper blades will be necessary to prepare you for either 6 more weeks of winter driving conditions or 6 weeks of spring showers. Whichever way the groundhog predicts, Liberty AutoGlass is there to help you prepare.

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How Often Should I Replace My Windshield Wiper Blades?

Below, we discuss some important information that car owners should know about their auto wiper blades.

How To Check Your Windshield Wipers Yourself

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Look for the following when you are inspecting wiper blades:

  • Check the to see if there are rounded edges on the squeegee wiping edge. These can reduce wiper quality because it prevents contact with the wiper blade and windshield.
  • Broken frames and frame detachment of arms at connection points or joints.
  • Cracks, tears, or missing pieces in the rubber squeegee’s edge.
  • Make sure the squeegee is securely in the wiper frame.
  • See if the rubber squeegee is still flexible. Older squeegees will have trouble conforming to the shape of your windshield and create streaks.
  • Tug on the wiper blade to check if it is securely installed on the wiper arm.
  • Metal corrosion especially at claws and joints.

Regularly check your wiper blades as a step in your preventative maintenance program for your car!

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Wiper Blade Upkeep Tips

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To drive safely, visibility is a must. Many drivers wait to replace their wiper blades until the last minute. This is a bad idea because they depend on them to clear away rain, snow, and sleet. Remembering to check your wiper blades regularly can make sure you maintain visibility, reliability, and efficiency.

Over time, wiper blades fall apart because of environmental factors like:

  • Airborne debris like mud, sand, and dust carried in the wind
  • Ultraviolet light, sun, and ozone deterioration
  • Moisture in the form of acid rain and saltwater (mostly near the shore)
  • Rubber-deteriorating oil comes from oil from car waxes or exhaust

Every six months you should check your wiper blades and change them at least once a year. Check out the rubber squeegee and the metal frames to prevent common problems like skipping, streaking, splitting, and wearing. These are all culprits of slowed reaction times and lower visibility.

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Typical Windshield Wiper Issues

Below, we discuss some common wiper blade issues you may encounter:

  • Skipping is caused by the blade developing a curve from lack of use. This could happen when it is left in the ‘parked position’ for a long time.
  • If the rubber squeegee becomes hard, dry, and cracked, streaking may happen. It can also be caused by substances collected on the glass or the blade, like tree sap or road tar.
  • Wearing occurs when the blade has extensive use and the rubber edges become rounded instead of squared.
  • Inconsistent contact with the glass surface can be caused by Bent Frames and Bent Refill Vertebra which creates skipping or streaking.
  • Splitting happens when ultraviolet rays from the sun penetrate the rubber squeegee. This causes it to breakdown and becomes separated from the frame.


How To Extend Windshield Wiper Lifespan

Follow these simple steps to avoid common issues and extend the life of your wiper blades:

  • During the winter months pull your wiper blades off the windshield to avoid ice build-up on the rubber squeegee and so they do not stick to the windshield.
  • Remove loose dirt and oil by gently cleaning the rubber squeegee with a damp paper towel.
  • Do not use your windshield wipers to remove ice from your windshield. Utilize an ice scraper instead or use your defroster to melt ice and snow.
  • Every time you fill your gas tank, clean your windshield.

Clean oil and good tires are essential, but quality wiper blades are just as important for safe driving in difficult weather conditions. Remember to frequently inspect your wiper blades every six months and change your wiper blades at least once a year.


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