image of a windshield covered with sand and pits

Windshield Pitting: What You Need To Know

New cars roll out of the factories with pristine glass. Their shiny surfaces gleam under the sun. Over time, however, these panels eventually develop imperfections, including windshield pitting. In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about this common phenomenon, including causes and solutions of windshield pitting.

semi truck on road

Semi Truck Windshield Care Tips

If highway patrol sees the cracks or any windshield damage on a big rig, then a semi-truck might be asked to pull over for a roadside inspection. This can set off costly delays in the schedule. If you have a big rig, then you need to take care of the windshield as best you can.

car parked in snow

Winter Car Tips: How To Protect Your Car Without A Garage This Winter

Staying inside a garage when not in use is the ideal scenario for a car in the winter. The problem is that not everyone has a garage. This leaves their cars vulnerable to the cold. In this article, we discuss some strategies that you can use to protect your car without a garage this winter.

cracked windshield

Windshield Repair Effort PA: The Risks Of Driving With A Cracked Windshield

We often take our windshields for granted until they suddenly get damaged and we are forced to weigh the consequences. Even small airborne particles can hit the glass with significant impact. Some are lucky enough to walk away with minor chipping. This can be fixed quickly through professional repair work. Others are not as fortunate as their cracked windshield has signs of extensive damage. Repair will not do because this kind of situation calls for a replacement. Many car owners put off repairing or replacing their windshield because they feel that it can wait or it is unimportant. However, as this article discusses, your windshield acts as more than a barrier against the elements of nature.

how to scrape ice off of your windshield

How To Scrape Ice Off Of Your Windshield To Prevent Cracks

When the cold weather hits, ice collects on your car windshield and windows, piling up and freezing so hard it becomes almost impossible to remove. This poses several inconveniences. In this article, we discuss the proper ways to remove ice from your windshield so you can prevent any damage to your auto glass.