Winter Care For Your Windshield: Tips For Your Auto Glass

January 16, 2023
image of a driver in winter depicting windshield winter care

Most drivers don’t give their auto glass a whole lot of thought until it’s actually damaged. However, this is one of the most important safety features of a vehicle, so it deserves plenty of attention. In this article, you will find several windshield winter care tips to help you keep your auto glass intact.

7 Tips For Making Your Windshield Replacement Last For As Long As Possible

January 4, 2023
image of the word tips depicting windshield replacement tips

You can’t drive a car with a cracked windshield. It’s not legal, and it’s not safe. If you want to stay out of trouble, head to an auto glass shop and get a windshield replacement. Once you have a new panel, take good care of it by following these windshield replacement tips.

Is It Safe To Purchase Used Auto Glass?

December 19, 2022
image of a teddy bear with seatbelt depicting used auto glass and safety

Buying used items can save you money, but you must be careful about using this strategy. It may be fine for things like furniture and fitness equipment. However, you may want to avoid it when dealing with an auto glass replacement. This article discusses why opting for used auto glass is a bad idea.

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Windshield?

December 5, 2022
image of a car owner with clock depicting how long does a windshield replacement take

A windshield replacement is a rather straightforward process. The length of time depends on how big your car is. In this article, we discuss what goes into a windshield replacement, how to tell if your windshield was replaced correctly, some aftercare tips that you can use after replacing your windshield, and more.

Smart Windshields: Safe Or Smart?

November 21, 2022
smart windshield

How can it possibly be safe to turn a car’s windshield into a computer monitor when the biggest concern for a windshield is a clear field of vision? Does this contribute to distracted driving? In this article, we discuss what smart windshields are and whether or not they affect your safety on the road.