image of a cool dog in a car

Cool Car Tricks You Ought To Try Out

Some minor issues don’t always require expert-level knowledge to solve. Instead, you can use simple tricks to keep your vehicle running safely. A bit of creativity goes a long way when it comes to car care. In this article, we discuss some cool car tricks that you can try for a variety of situations.

image of a driver looking out the windshield

How Strong Is Modern Windshield Glass?

We often think of glass as a fragile material that shatters easily. So, it’s tempting to imagine auto glass as having the same tendencies. However, modern windshield glass is much stronger. Older auto glass may have been quick to break. However, current car glass has vastly improved thanks to new technologies, materials, and manufacturing processes.

image of a windshield covered with sand and pits

Windshield Pitting: What You Need To Know

New cars roll out of the factories with pristine glass. Their shiny surfaces gleam under the sun. Over time, however, these panels eventually develop imperfections, including windshield pitting. In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about this common phenomenon, including causes and solutions of windshield pitting.

semi truck on road

Semi Truck Windshield Care Tips

If highway patrol sees the cracks or any windshield damage on a big rig, then a semi-truck might be asked to pull over for a roadside inspection. This can set off costly delays in the schedule. If you have a big rig, then you need to take care of the windshield as best you can.

car parked in snow

Winter Car Tips: How To Protect Your Car Without A Garage This Winter

Staying inside a garage when not in use is the ideal scenario for a car in the winter. The problem is that not everyone has a garage. This leaves their cars vulnerable to the cold. In this article, we discuss some strategies that you can use to protect your car without a garage this winter.

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