An accident can damage virtually any portion of your vehicle. Damage can occur in the wheels, the undercarriage and bumpers, the interior and everything in between. Even if the collision occurred nowhere near the windows or windshield of your car, the glass still may have sustained damage. Some damage, such as a cracked or shattered windshield is obvious. However, other signs are more telltale and can creep up on you as a driver and owner.

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Signs You Should Take Your Car To An Auto Glass Shop Aquashicola PA

Here’s how to tell if you should replace or repair the glass in your car following a collision.

You Have Decreased Visibility After An Accident

Sometimes auto glass repair shops elect to repair small cracks or nicks in your windshield. While the repair may seem to work at first, it can also eventually fail. One indicator is decreased visibility. That’s because a clear resin is used to repair chips and minor cracks. The resin can eventually cause the glass to warp, making everything appear wavy when you look through the window. When this begins to occur, it’s time for a full windshield replacement.

The Car Accident Caused Multi-Layer Damage To Your Windshield

windshield damageSimilarly, a chip or crack that doesn’t appear to be big may actually be a hazard if it goes through all the layers of glass. Car windshields are composed of several layers of glass laminated together. If the damage goes through all of the layers, don’t hesitate to replace it instead of repairing.

If an accident knocks out one glass panel without any other damage, that’s another reason to replace. Even if the window or panel is small, you run the risk of having thieves break into your car. Also, the elements, such as rain or snow, can enter and soak the interior. Not only do missing auto glass pieces make your car more prone to theft, but they will also make the surrounding section more prone to warping. Consequently, this problem leads to additional costs.

Window Parts That Don’t Work

Whether you have manual or power windows, if they won’t work, it’s time to take a look at all of the components involved. The same goes for a hatchback if you have one. You may not think that a non-operation window is a big deal, but in reality, it is. Windows can provide an escape route in the event of an emergency.

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Damage Around The Edges Of Your Windshield

auto glass repair and replacement

This is one aspect of a vehicle collision that may not be readily apparent. If the point of impact was near the windshield, damage to underlying components may have occurred. In turn, such a problem can compromise the structural integrity of the windshield itself.

One of the first signs of this problem is a white haze that begins to appear around the edges of the windshield. The haze comes from a chemical called polyvinyl butyral. This is a substance that keeps the windshield from shattering inward.

The haze occurs when the chemical begins to pull away from the glass. When you see this happening, take your car to your mechanic first before heading to an auto glass shop. This haze could also indicate an underlying problem with the body of your vehicle.

Hearing Wind Or Rattling When Driving

The windshield, as well as the rear window, are held in place by seals. Hearing excessive noise indicates that the seals could be breached in one or more locations. Eventually, the entire structure can loosen and fall into your vehicle.

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Don’t Forget About The Side Windows

Not only can the windshield and rear window sustain damage, so can your side windows. A shattered side window, of course, needs replacement. Apply the same principles to cracks as you would with the windshield. If the crack goes all the way through the layers, replace the window.


The best way to deal with any auto glass damage is to take immediate action. Quick repairs and replacements help ensure that you and your passengers will stay safe on the roads.

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