Is It Safe To Drive With A Nonfunctional Side Window?

driver with a broken side window

A nonfunctional side window may not seem like a big deal. Many car owners ignore the issue thinking that they will do just fine. After all, it does not directly affect their ability to drive. However, they may soon realize that this condition can compromise their safety, their property, and even their lives. That makes it hard to dismiss. In certain situations, they leave themselves vulnerable to different kinds of danger when they cannot count on the side window to move. It is better to schedule power window repair rather than deal with the issues that arise from a nonworking side window.

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The Importance Of Side Power Window Repair

In this article, we discuss the importance of keeping your car’s side window in tip-top shape.

No Emergency Exit In Case Of An Accident

image of a car accident

Collisions often occur at intersections. Approaching vehicles do not see each other so one might end up ramming into the side of the other. This can block the driver’s path to exit the vehicle quickly. The window is a viable alternative if the door is jammed. However, nonfunctional windows do not provide this option. While it is possible to break the glass, this may only result in more wounds and make matters worse. Avoid this dire situation by letting auto glass specialists examine the window. Solutions range from quick realignment to complete window replacement.

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Difficulty Communicating In A Traffic Stop

If the window is all the way up, then it will be difficult to talk to anyone by the side of the road. This is particularly tricky if the person on the other side is a law enforcer who is performing a routine traffic stop. In wide highways, it may be possible to move to a spot where you can open the door and go out instead. In busy city streets, this may not be feasible. The officer could potentially move over to the other side but only if the road conditions allow it. A short visit to a repair shop can prevent this embarrassing situation.

Lack Of Debris Protection When It Matters

If the window is stuck halfway, then the gap creates an entry point for animals and debris. Most of the time, these will be minor annoyances such as insects and fallen leaves. Owners might resort to temporary solutions such as a trash bag to cover the gap. Sometimes, however, the objects could be more substantial. It may be a golf ball or a baseball from a nearby playground. It may be glass shards from a collision. A flimsy plastic cover is simply insufficient. You are likely to sustain injuries due to a lack of protection. It is far better to have the auto glass repaired immediately.

No Shield Against Rain During A Downpour

driving in the rain

Consider the weather when you are heading outside. Driving in the rain with a broken car window is not a good idea. Wind can blow away the plastic cover leaving you drenched and shivering in your seat. If you parked the car outdoors overnight, then you may find it in a bad state in the morning. This is not the best way to start the day. Cleaning the car and drying it up can take a while. You need a solid shield against the elements so that you can feel confident even in a bad storm. Auto glass repair will allow you to regain this.

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Increased Possibility Of Electrical Damage

Upholstery is not the only thing that you need to worry about. If the interiors get drenched, then the car’s electrical system may suffer as well. Water can trigger short circuits and cause corrosion. The vehicle may not even be able to start. By trying to save money on window repairs, you can end up needing more money to fix new problems. When you sum all of the potential expenses that can result from a broken window, you will recognize that the cost of a side window replacement is small in comparison. It is a smart investment.

A High Risk Of Lost Valuables And Vehicle Theft

Man burglar steals the tablet of car from broken side window

Thieves love open windows, flimsy covers, and damaged glass. These make their illegal activities easier as they can get whatever they want from vehicles. Be sure to remove all of your valuables when you leave the car including your bag, your phone, your laptop, and your wallet. Don’t leave anything inside that you might regret losing. Thieves may even be so bold as to drive away with your car. Don’t give them the opening they want. Get the window fixed so that everything is sealed shut when you leave the vehicle. This will reduce your worries and help you focus on your work.

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The importance of window glass cannot be overstated. Given the examples above, it is clear that this is a necessary part of a safe driving experience and stress-free car ownership. If you have a nonfunctional window, then make sure to act on it right away. Call your local auto glass expert for assistance. If you live in or around Lehighton PA, then consider coming to Liberty AutoGlass for a quick inspection and job estimate.

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