How To Protect A Broken Car Window Until It Can Be Repaired

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Broken car window glass is always a stressful situation because it compromises the integrity of the vehicle. Not only does a broken window make it easier for moisture and pests to enter and damage the interior, but it also makes it easier for a thief to get inside and rummage through your belongings. The threat of theft is the primary reason car owners should have their car windows replaced right away, but sometimes you may have no other choice but to wait for a repair.

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Why Delays Are Sometimes Necessary When You Need Auto Glass Or Side Glass Repair

broken side glass in carThere are a number of reasons that a delay may be necessary. For instance, the break might happen late at night or during the weekend when car window glass companies are closed.

Then again, the cost for the repair might be more than the vehicle owner can afford at the time. These situations would certainly necessitate a delay between the time the window is broken and when funds are available to complete the repair.

What should you do in an instance like that?

First Things First: Remove The Broken Car Glass

The first thing is to ensure that the broken glass is taken care of properly so that it is not a hazard for the passengers and the driver. It would be a shame for anyone to suffer a cut because tiny bits of glass fragments remain. Since car windows are generally made from safety glass, chances are there will be large shards. There will also be small fragments to deal with too. So, you’ll need to protect yourself during this process. Protective gloves are a great idea to prevent injuries.

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Remove Any Debris Caused By The Break

After picking up as many of the larger pieces of glass as you can, the next step is to remove remaining debris with a vacuum cleaner. Be sure to get between the seats and cushions because those tiny bits of glass can damage the upholstery and carpet if left in place for friction to take its toll. It will likely take several passes to pick up everything, but you’ll be glad you took the extra time to prevent further damage.

Remove Dirt And Dust From The Affected Area

Before taping plastic or another barrier between the outside world and the interior of your vehicle to the window frame, be sure to wipe the frame clear of dirt and debris so the tape adhesive can adhere properly. Even the smallest bit of dust can prevent a good seal, and that will compromise your efforts to protect your vehicle. Do not apply tape to the exterior finish because it can damage the paint. Instead, you should perform this preparation on the interior window frame.

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Seal Opening With Packing Tape

side window repairNow that you have everything ready, it’s time to start sealing the window with packing tape. You could use a piece of cardboard, a plastic tarp, or even a trash bag. However, packing tape is more likely to allow some visibility where the other options will not. Also, layers offer better protection.

Start applying clear packing tape to the inside of the window frame vertically and as straight as possible. Continue applying the tape, in the same manner, overlapping each piece as you go. Keep going until you cover the entire opening. The tape will not only create a moisture resistant barrier between the outside elements and your car’s interior, but it will have some strength and visibility that should last until you have time and funds available to have the glass replaced.

What To Do When The Windshield Is Broken

You can follow the above steps when you are dealing with side glass. However, when it is your windshield, then you will need to take another course of action. Of course, there is no substitute for scheduling a windshield replacement immediately since it is an important part of your vehicle’s safety. If you cannot do that right away, you will need to consider catching a ride with someone you know or call a cab or ride-sharing service to get around.

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Be sure to repair any auto glass damage immediately. Doing so will help keep you and your passengers safe when driving.

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