Is Sunroof Repair Really Necessary?

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The sunroof, or in some cases, the moonroof, is one of the most common features in luxury cars. High-end cars, however, do not have monopoly of this functional addition. A sunroof provides natural lighting and better ventilation – keep it open and let the fresh air in. Plus, it just really looks good and can be a useful exit door in case of an emergency. Unfortunately, sunroofs are not damage-proof. Just like other parts of your car, they also become damaged and require sunroof repair. So what do you do?

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The Importance Of Sunroof Repair

In this article, we discuss why you should repair your sunroof when it is damaged.

How Can Anything Damage My Sunroof?

The sunroof may not be subject to the same stress as the windshield but it does become damaged. Pebbles that fly with enough elevation and velocity can cause chips and cracks while falling debris that is heavy enough can do some serious damage. Add to that the damage that the sun’s heat, UV rays, heavy rain, snow, and hail can pose to the appearance and integrity of the sunroof glass. This can raise problems later since this type of auto glass tends to shatter. Getting the issue/s fixed now will help you prevent serious problems later.

What If I Just Ignore The Problem?

image of sunroof after repair

If you fail to have a damaged sunroof repaired, expect the damage to worsen. A more serious problem makes it more difficult to fix, which means it could take more time to finish and will likely cost more. If the sunroof shatters or becomes stuck, it could let in the sun’s rays directly, heating up the car and exposing the interior to the sun. A damaged sunroof will also let in water and moisture, which can lead to other problems, including moisture damage, and mildew or mold growth. On top of that, consider the discomfort that a damp and moldy interior environment can cause.

A damaged sunroof can also become a security problem. Because it cannot close completely, it will be easy to use it as an entry point. Anyone can enter through the sunroof and steal items from the car or even the car itself! Furthermore, an open sunroof will allow dust, dirt, and other debris in.

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How Serious Is The Problem?

A motorized sunroof runs on a track that lines the window frame. If the track is damaged or deteriorates, the glass will not be able to move seamlessly back and forth, causing it to either move too slowly or become stuck. If it is misaligned, the glass will not be able to close completely, leaving it open to leaks. This will allow cool air inside the car to escape. This, in turn, will result in an uncomfortable environment inside the car.

What Are Common Problems With Sunroofs?

Cracked and Chipped Glass

windshield chip

A cracked or chipped sunroof is usually caused by flying or falling debris, such as stones, gravel, tree branches, and other debris that have enough weight or velocity to cause damage. If the damage is minimal, there should be little issue but if it starts to spread, it could lead to bigger problems.

Broken Motor

If you have a manually operated sunroof, you will not have a problem with the motor. A broken motor is an issue that will cause annoyance and inconvenience. The modern sunroof is connected to electrical components that power the motor. These components then allow the sunroof glass to open and close. The motor, unfortunately, is subject to some problems, such as malfunction, loss of electrical power, or damage. This could be caused by broken or seized-up motor gears, damaged electrical wires, or damaged fuse or relay.

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Clogged Drainage System

The sunroof usually has at least four drain tubes that prevent water from seeping inside the vehicle. The tubes have to be removed so they can be cleaned. Unfortunately, these tubes also collect debris. Once the drainage system is clogged, any water that collects in the component can seep through the seals and drip into the car.

Broken Glass

Your sunroof is made of tempered glass. While this type is shatter-resistant, it is not shatterproof. If a chip or crack expands, the glass could shatter into tiny shards. The glass, naturally, has to be replaced because it will leave your car vulnerable to the elements.

Broken Track Or Cable

The track or cable is run by a motor that allows the sunroof to move across the top of the vehicle. If either or both components are damaged, the sunroof will no longer respond to the electrical signal that is supposed to open or close it. If the issue is a broken track or cable, it is likely that the whole sunroof assembly will have to be replaced.

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What To Do About Sunroof Issues

Beyond the usual cleaning and visual checkups, some sunroof repairs have to be left to the professionals. Motorized sunroofs have components that can be damaged easily in untrained hands. It might be tempting to do the job yourself, particularly if you have a basic understanding of how the assembly works. A basic understanding does not translate to real skill. If there is a problem with your sunroof, do not wait until it worsens. Get in touch with a trained professional to discuss the best solutions for your vehicle.

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