Windshield damage is responsible for millions of insurance claims every year. Try not to be part of the statistics. While some situations are out of the driver’s control, much can be done to prevent chips and cracks on our glass panels. If we can develop good driving habits in the summer and winter, then we can reduce risk day after day.

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How To Avoid Windshield Damage While On The Road

Experts recommend the following windshield damage avoidance measures:

1. Control Your Speed

car speedometer

Always be mindful of the speed limit wherever you’re driving. Respect this limit even if you are in a hurry or having an emergency. This has been set to protect you from getting into an accident on the roads. It will also keep you safe from rocks and debris. Remember that the force of the impact is determined largely by the speeds of the car and the object when they collide. Control what you can in this situation. Slow down so you can see where the rocks are coming from and avoid them.

2. Maintain Your Distance

Stray pebbles on the road get kicked up by the wheels of passing vehicles. If you drive too closely to the car in front of you, then you increase the likelihood of getting hit by these flying pebbles. It will also increase the probability of collisions in the event of a sudden stoppage. Your car might not be able to stop moving right away even if you hit the brakes. Tailgating is simply a bad idea no matter how you look at it. Always keep a safe distance from the other vehicles to protect yourself and your passengers.

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3. Avoid Roadworks

image of road construction

Construction sites should be avoided as much as possible because these are filled with rock and debris. Heavy machinery is always digging up the earth and moving rocks around the area. If you are in the vicinity, then you are putting yourself in harm’s way. Once you notice a construction project starting in your usual route, look up alternative roads that you can use in the meantime. If you really have to use a certain road, then slow down and move away from nearby vehicles.

4. Use Low Traffic Roads

If you are going on long drives, then you will probably be tempted to take the highways for faster travel. The problem is that heavy traffic makes it difficult to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles. There are also plenty of rocks on these road surfaces and the fast speeds of the cars send these flying at dangerous velocities. As long as you are not in a hurry, it may be more beneficial to take the more scenic routes with less traffic and lower speed limits. You will feel more relaxed along the way.

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5. Steer Clear Of Potholes


Potholes are major headaches because they make travel unpleasant with the sudden dips and forced speed reductions. They are also signs that loose rocks are probably everywhere in the area. Most potholes are found on gravel roads that have not been maintained over the years. Avoid these roads if possible. They will not only put your windshield at risk. They will also damage your wheels and alignment with continued exposure. If you cannot avoid gravel, then make it a point to drive with extreme caution.

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6. Be Careful Around Trains

Sometimes you will find yourself driving parallel to train tracks. This puts you in a vulnerable position, especially if there is a train speeding down the tracks at the exact same time. These can also kick up rocks and send these flying your way. Consider using the farthest lane for safety. If you are driving perpendicular to the tracks, then you might have to wait for a while before you can cross. Maintaining a substantial distance from the tracks is a good idea in this situation as well.

7. Don’t Follow Trucks

driving behind a semi-truck

Whenever you are driving, you should continuously survey your environment to check the vehicles that you are haring the road with. It is best to stay with smaller vehicles and drive as far away from trucks as possible. Larger vehicles have more wheels which means that they can kick up more rocks and debris behind them. Some are able to reduce this through the installation of mudflaps but others don’t even bother. Change lanes so that you are not directly behind them. You can also maneuver in front of them if the situation permits.


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