Why ADAS Compliant Auto Glass Services Should Matter To You

Most drivers will need to have their auto glass repaired at some point. Whether it’s a chipped, cracked or a broken windshield, you need to make sure that you choose a glass replacement service that is reputable. Of course, today, with new advances in vehicle technology, that auto glass replacement you need has become much more complicated than it was even just a few years ago.

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Windshield Installation And Calibration: What Is ADAS?

Many vehicles on the road now come with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS. These are merely vehicle systems designed to help make driving easier and safer. These automated systems can include lane departure warnings, automated parking, pedestrian detection, collision avoidance systems, adaptive cruise control, and more. These systems rely on various devices, such as radar, cameras, computer imaging, lidar, and sensors. Of course, the safe and reliable performance of the ADAS features on your vehicle will depend on these devices operating correctly.

Replacement Auto Glass And ADAS

car sensors on windshieldWindshield replacements are relatively common occurrences, especially if you drive a lot. Rocks, hail, road debris, and collisions can all leave you with a damaged windshield. If you have a vehicle equipped with ADAS technology, it’s essential to choose an auto glass company that can provide the new windshield glass replacement and installation you need. However, they should also be able to make sure that your advanced driver assistance systems are functioning correctly after the replacement.

When you replace a windshield, the computer system that operates your ADAS devices will likely need a recalibration. Keep in mind, not all glass replacement companies can handle this part of the windshield replacement. They might be able to replace the glass, but you’ll still need to take your vehicle into the dealership or another qualified professional to ensure that your ADAS devices are functioning correctly.

Windshields Have Greatly Evolved Over The Years

A windshield might not look like anything special, but there is a great deal of advanced technology that goes into this critical auto safety feature. A windscreen can have built-in or attached sensors and special layers for noise reduction. Some also have heaters to reduce condensation for a safer view, as well as areas with various degrees of tint to help provide for a more pleasant ride. Some of these items, such as sensors, might also be critical components in the precise operation of your vehicle’s ADAS features.

Calibrating ADAS After Windshield Replacement

Any vehicle that has ADAS devices must have the system recalibrated after a windshield replacement. Sensors must be exact. However, there are also ADAS safety features, such as a lane departure warning system that relies on particular areas in the windshield. These are used for the camera to “see” through. It is essential that these areas are correctly aligned and calibrated to ensure that your ADAS safety devices are functioning precisely the way they should for safe operation.

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ADAS Compliant Services Are Important For Your Safety

If you want to avoid the trouble of having to take your car in for re-calibration after a windshield replacement, make sure that you choose an auto glass company that can provide this service. They should have trained service technicians who are experienced and certified to provide the accurate calibration service you need for your vehicle.

For example, there are different types of windshield camera calibration, including both dynamic and static re-calibration. The kind of service you need will depend on your specific vehicle. When calling for windshield auto glass service, be sure to provide the glass company with the exact details regarding the particular make and model of your car. This way, you can ensure that the right glass and services are scheduled.

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