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Countless accidents occur on the roads every year. However, these don’t stop people from driving their cars because of the benefits of motorized travel. The best they can do is to try to drive safely and use the available technologies to their advantage. One such technology is the lane departure warning system. This typically uses a camera mounted on the windshield to monitor the street lanes and the car’s positioning about these.

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The Three Types of Lane Assistance

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Below, we discuss more on lane warning departure systems.

1. Lane Departure Warning

There are three different implementations of this system. The most basic type provides a warning signal when the car drifts near the lane markers. Drivers can then take the appropriate actions to correct their path and get centered. It requires highly visible lane markings and good visibility. It relies on the person behind the wheel to make the actual correction.

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2. Lane Keep Assist

In this implementation, the car itself has the ability to steer to safety once the car drifts too far from the center. It will try to avoid the lane marking in order to reduce the possibility of colliding with another vehicle. This system still depends on the driver to re-center the car perfectly but the early automated intervention is useful for keeping danger at bay.

3. Lane Centering Assist

This is the newest technology that is able to do all the work automatically. It proactively prevents the car from getting too close to the lane marking. It can even keep the vehicle centered in its own lane without the help of the driver. However, the driver can always override the system if necessary. The technology also requires the driver to have his or her hands on the wheel. The curves on the road must not be too sharp. It is a foundation of self-driving AI that the industry is pushing for road safety. It has a long way to go to achieve reliability.


Lane Departure Warning Options

1. Audible Lane Departure Warning

The driver will hear the warning signals to alert them that the car has crossed a lane marking. It will stop once the driver takes corrective action. This might be set to go online when the driving speed exceeds 30mph or so because slow-moving vehicles are not likely to be in immediate danger from lane-crossing collisions. The volume can be increased or decreased depending on the driver’s preferences.

2. Haptic Feedback

Audible warnings may not be as effective in situations where the environment is quite noisy. For example, the driver might be listening to loud music or the rain might be pouring hard. In these situations, it would be better to have haptic feedback in which the steering wheel vibrates. Other car models vibrate the seat cushion instead. This can be more effective since sometimes people take their hands off the wheel.

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3. Visual Feedback

Aside from the audible warning and the haptic feedback, drivers are likely to get a visual cue of the danger. This typically consists of two-lane marking symbols and arrows that point to each side. Drivers have to pay attention if one side lights up. There could be different colors indicating the danger level. This could be located on the instrument panel or the head up display for greater prominence.

4. Timing Options

Users can control the timing of the lane departure warning system signs. Some might want this to come one as soon as possible before the car breaches the markings. Others might only want to be alerted when there is an actual breach. Although the former sounds like it would be the safest way to go, some drivers are not fond of receiving too many alerts while driving.

5. Startup Options

Lane departure warning systems can begin automatically from the time you start the car so that you never have to think about it. The user might also turn it off if they feel that it is intrusive. They can turn it back on through the settings when they feel that it might be of some help.


The Role Of The Windshield Camera

Most configurations have a camera mounted high on the windshield at the back of the rearview mirror. From this vantage point, it has an excellent view of the road ahead. It continually monitors what’s in front with the AI system checking for the lane markings. If the car is not centered, then warnings will be provided according to the settings. These will stop after corrective actions have been performed. The camera can also provide windshield wiper control, pedestrian detection, forward collision warning, and other functions.

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