Backglass Replacement Services

Backglass breakage is different from windshield breakage. Whereas, the glass on your windshield remains mostly intact when it is impacted due to the laminate between the glass layers, the backglass (in most applications) is made of tempered glass. Count on Liberty AutoGlass for all your backglass replacement needs!

Broken Backglass Window in CarTempered glass is hardened when it is manufactured, this makes the glass very strong and resistant to impacts more so than windshield glass. The hardening process also gives tempered glass the design characteristic where it “explodes” into small pieces when it does break. This engineered design is done for your safety; so you are not trapped inside of your vehicle and to prevent large pieces of glass from inflicting massive harm to the vehicle’s occupants during a crash.

Most likely when your back glass is broken there will be very little of the glass left on the frame of your car. This ‘exploding’ of the glass is completely normal and will most likely result in small pieces of glass throughout the back section of the vehicle.

In order to replace the back or rear window of the car, the remaining glass along with the urethane bead needs to be removed. All of the glass should be cleaned up, along with any shards that fell into the trunk, back seat or tailgate. Once the pinch weld and the glass are prepared properly, the backglass can be installed.

Backglass Installation Timeframe

Depending on the amount of cleanup, the installation of the backglass can vary. We suggest planning on approximately 2 hours for the entire installation from the time the job is started until it is finished. You will be informed verbally and in writing as to what the exact safe drive away time is for your vehicle. We strongly recommend not running the vehicle through an automatic carwash for 24 hours after the job is completed.

Another reason the back glass might need to be replaced is due to the defroster tabs becoming disconnected or the defroster grid inoperative. Proper installation is key in preserving your car’s structural integrity against rust, leaking and safety issues.

Backglass – Slider installation on Pickup Trucks

Modern truck backglasses have evolved greatly in the last two decades. Unlike older pickup truck backglasses where the glass or slider was retained by a simple rubber gasket to affix it to the truck cab, modern backglass assemblies have become much more complex.

Many backglasses in trucks are installed very much like any other vehicle with a urethane adhesive directly between the glass and the body. Others use a system where the glass assembly is bolted to the body. Many backglass and slider assemblies require special installation procedures and materials to be installed properly.

Many of these assemblies are put together by molding the structure together with a plastic like bonding material. When this bonding is adhered to the truck cab special procedures and materials MUST be used or the glass will not stay attached to the body!

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