Windshield Repair Services

How do you know if you have a chip / crack in your windshield that can be repaired, versus an entire replacement? Liberty AutoGlass is the area’s best company for all your windshield repair needs. There are 3 descriptors we use to make this determination:

  1. Is the crack shorter than a dollar bill (less than 6 inches)? Or if it is a star crack, is it smaller in size than a quarter coin?
  2. Has the crack travelled off of the edge of the windshield?
  3. Is the damage directly in front of the driver’s eyes (which is considered the driver’s line of sight or vital area)?

If the answer to any of questions is yes, than we suggest having your windshield replaced.

Chip in windshield that can be repaired

Chip in the windshield that can be repaired

Windshield repair involves a process where a clear or color tinted resin is injected into the void created when the outer layer of glass on a laminated windshield is broken. The resin is then cured using ultraviolet light. The cured resin knits together the cracks and fills the voids effectively repairing the breakage.

Moisture can no longer get into the crack causing it to spread. Repairing a damaged windshield restores the integrity of the glass. It will greatly improve the appearance of the damage but depending on the intensity and structure of the cracks the repaired break will vary in how clear it gets and never completely disappears.

A repair on a windshield is a cost effective way to avoid replacing the entire glass. In the unlikely event that the repaired windshield cracks from the repair, we deduct the amount that the customer paid for the repair from the cost of the replacement windshield. This makes windshield repair a no-lose proposition.

If your vehicle’s windshield cannot be repaired, we offer fast, on-site, and affordable windshield replacement services. Click here to view all of our autoglass repair and replacement services.