Car Window Stuck Again? Here’s What You Can Do

image of car window controls depicting a car window that is stuck

Dealing with a stuck car window? It is a frustrating problem with multiple solutions, depending on the cause. The best thing you can do is calm down and go through the basic remedies for this situation. Read this article to explore some causes and solutions for a car window that won’t budge.

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Fall Driving Safety Tips

image of leaves falling off tree depicting fall safety driving tips

The outdoors can look lovely in the fall, but the season also creates unique challenges for drivers. It pays to be extra careful on the road to avoid accidents and other problems. In this article, we discuss some fall driving safety tips.

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Spring Has Sprung: Schedule Your Windshield Replacement Today

image of a windshield replacement

Spring is an exciting time of the year. It is also when people typically do a thorough cleaning of their home in preparation for warmer and brighter days ahead. For car owners, spring is a time to service cars and give them a tune-up after the winter battering. In this article, you will find some simple spring maintenance tips for your vehicle. Click through to find out more.

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Top Tips When Getting Your Car Ready For Spring

image of spring flowers depicting spring car maintenance

The cold winter weather can cause considerable damage to your car. For instance, extremely cold weather could cause the fluids in your car to because extremely viscous and therefore unable to perform their functions properly. Because of this, you should prepare your car for spring and summer once the winter season ends.

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How To Clean Your Windshield & Avoid Auto Glass Replacement

cleaning windscreen

Poor visibility caused by dirty or damaged windscreens is one of the main contributors of auto accidents. These defects obstruct the driver’s view and put them at risk of a driving mishap. This article discusses the proper methods to clean your windshield and how a clean windshield can help prevent repair or replacement.

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