Fun Facts About Windshields That You Don’t Know About

woman holding did you know sign depicting windshield car facts

Chances are, you only look at your windshield like a sheet of glass that protects you from the elements while you are driving. However, there is much more to a windshield than that. In this article, we share some interesting windshield facts that you may not be aware of.

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Are You Doing These Bad Habits That Cause Windshield Repairs?

image of a wrong right sign depicting car windshield repairs

While do-it-yourself auto glass repairs and replacements are trending, many bad habits can make an auto glass repair job more difficult then it would have been to start out with. This article discusses some bad methods car owners tend to use when dealing with their auto glass. Click through to read more.

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What Is The Best Windshield Replacement Aftercare I Should Follow?

image of words whats next depicting windshield replacement care

The function and safety of your windshield largely depend on the precautions you take after a windshield replacement, which is entirely your responsibility. Therefore, it is vital to follow windshield replacement aftercare to a tee. With this in mind, this article discusses seven tips to follow after a windshield replacement.

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How To Tell If Your Windshield Was Installed Incorrectly

signs of a bad windshield replacement

According to the National Glass Association (NGA), an improperly installed windshield is dangerous as it increases the risk of injuries and even fatality in the event of a road accident. As such, vehicle owners should ensure that their windshields are installed properly. Click through to find out if your replacement windshield was installed incorrectly.

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