Price Steering And Unscrupulous Practices In The Auto Glass Industry

what is deceptive pricingMany consumers have heard common business terms that refer to unscrupulous practices within a certain industry. These terms are used to designate practices where a business takes advantage of the consumer by convincing the consumer to purchase their product for a set price and then adding hidden fees. Furthermore, they do this by presenting a once in a lifetime offer that the consumer just couldn’t resist because the price was supposedly within their budget.

When the consumer receives the bill, they do not pay what the company had told them that they were going to pay. The hidden fees make the total price astronomical. Essentially, a business that uses these types of techniques misleads the consumer on price, quality, and value of a service or product. In this article, we will discuss some of these practices and what you can do to beware of them.

Deceptive Pricing

honest Auto Glass Repair Walnutport PAOne of the ways that businesses take advantage of consumers is through deceptive pricing techniques. In the following article by MBA Skool, they define what it is:

Deceptive pricing is the method by which retailers use deceptive means to trick the customers into thinking that they are paying a lower price for a product, than what they are actually supposed to. Commonly used methods used by retailers practicing deceptive pricing are clearance sales and ‘going out of business’ sales, discount sales with hidden fees etc.

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Typically, along with deceptive pricing comes deceptive advertising. Deceptive advertising is when a business attempts to deceive a consumer into buying their product or service by means of confusing and misleading statements.

These techniques are known as bait and switch. A business will lure in the consumer by being aware of what will attract consumers to purchase their products. Unfortunately, these practices are quite common and there are many consumers who fall trap to these types of business practices. You may have even experienced this at one point or another.

You can find endless examples of these types of practices. In the following article by Boundless, they discuss false advertising by Listerine.

Listerine advertisement, 1932

From 1921 until the mid-1970s, Listerine was also marketed as a preventive and remedy for colds and sore throats. In 1976, the Federal Trade Commission ruled that these claims were misleading, and that Listerine had “no efficacy” at either preventing or alleviating the symptoms of sore throats and colds. Warner-Lambert was ordered to stop making the claims, and to include in the next $10.2 million dollars’ of Listerine ads specific mention that “contrary to prior advertising, Listerine will not help prevent colds or sore throats or lessen their severity. “

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It appears that Listerine also had to face another lawsuit in 2005 because it was marketing its product as being effective like dental floss. This was, of course, after Listerine had fixed the results of their clinical trials. This is a fabulous example of false advertising. A business sells you their product with a claim that it will do something that it really can’t.

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The auto glass industry also uses these types of practices. It is not uncommon for an auto glass company to quote a price for your windshield repair or windshield replacement. When the customer receives the bill, it has numerous hidden fees and charges. Therefore, a consumer walks into a situation believing that they will have to fork out the initial price quoted. It is quite shocking when you have to pay a bill that goes far beyond the initial price. Ask about hidden fees and charges.

There are many manipulative practices that are used. Be sure to be aware of what these practices are so that you can avoid them. You can read about these practices in Section 5 of the FTC act. Also, be aware of any deals that seem too good to be true. Be sure that you ask about any possible hidden fees.

When it comes to the auto glass industry, don’t get hung up on price alone. It is possible that a company that quotes you an unbeatable price is the company that might tack on some hidden fees. Finally, be sure to inquire about a company’s reputation. If they use deceptive pricing, then they will have a reputation of it. 


Bottom Line Pricing

avoid auto glass deceptive practicesYou may not be able to avoid these types of unfair practices as a whole. However, you can find out what businesses practice them and which ones do not. Be sure to support the businesses that do not use these types of methods.

At Liberty AutoGlass, what we quote is what you pay. We use bottom line pricing which is uncommon in the auto glass industry. You will not encounter any surprises along the way. We believe that integrity and honesty are extremely important. Therefore, you can get high quality and trustworthy service when you come to us.

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