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We service Northampton, PA, providing the best windshield replacement, windshield repairs, and auto glass repairs in the Northampton County area. We come to you, making it as easy as possible to get your windshield or auto glass fixed in a speedy and convenient manner.

If your car, van, or truck is in need of auto glass repairs in Northampton, we are the company to call!

Call for a free quote: 877-90-GLASS (877-904-5277)

We guarantee our work as long as you own your car. Call today for a free quote!

Why Call Liberty AutoGlass?

Here at Liberty AutoGlass, we bend over backward to provide the best customer service in the car or truck glass repair marketplace so you are absolutely satisfied with the service you obtain from us. Our professional team is trained in handling all types of repairs from starburst cracks in windshields to cracks and complete window failures. We fix all makes and models of motor vehicles, including trucks and vans. Also, we deal with most insurance carriers taking the worry out of your broken car window emergency. Our crew has dealt with practically every type of vehicle. Stop wasting time by calling around to see who can fix your windows. Save time and energy by contacting us now. We'll dispatch a responsive and competent repair professional to where ever your car is parked, at your home, or your business. Feel confident that your car, van, or truck will be operational in an affordable and quick time frame!

We handle the following repair services:

  • Auto Glass Replacement
  • Windshields
  • Back Glass
  • Door Glass
  • Vent Glass
  • Quarter Glass
  • Glass for side/door mirrors

Windshield Repairs

  • Windshield Repairs: Stone hits / chips

Additional Services

  • Headlight Restoration
  • Windshield Wipers

Local Reviews
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Replaced windshield on Chevy Impala for a customer at his home at the exact price quoted

Near Washington Ave, Northampton, PA 18067
Northampton, PA - Replaced windshield on Chevy Impala for a customer at his home at the exact price quoted


Replaced windshield on Chevy Impala for a customer at his home at the exact price quoted

Near Washington Ave, Northampton, PA 18067
Northampton, PA - Replaced windshield on Chevy Impala for a customer at his home at the exact price quoted


Replaced back glass on BMW X3 for a customer at their house

Near Beefwood Rd, Northampton, PA 18067
Northampton, PA - Replaced back glass on BMW X3 for a customer at their house

Certifications and Credentials:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Exactly how do I recognize if auto glass damage might be restored?
This depends on the type of crack or chip. The most reliable option is to contact us and we will inspect the damage. We'll let you know if it is a repair that could be made or if you are encountering a windshield replacement. In either case, we'll collaborate with you and your insurance agency.

Q: What is the difference between OEM and OEE auto glass? Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) auto glass is made by the same manufacturer as your original glass. Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) glass is made to the same standards but by a different company. Our customers can choose OEM or OEE.

Q: Does my vehicle need to be in a protected or heated area?
Inclement weather makes auto glass installations hard without cover. If a protected area is not available, we may need to schedule a different time to service your vehicle.

Q: Can you affirm that the chip or crack will be indiscernible after the repair has been carried out?
No. A windshield chip or crack fix is used to reduce further damage to your windshield auto glass and to restore the structural soundness of the vehicle. While each occurrence of damage is unique, with the most successful repairs, a slight mark or imperfection where the impact took place is normal. In many cases, you should expect the cosmetic appearance of the patch to show some improvement as compared to the damage prior to the repair service.

Q: Can you confirm that a chip or crack that can be repaired will not become bigger during the repair process?
No. In some cases, through no error of the repair specialist, the attempt to restore an auto glass can lead to the chip or crack getting larger. However, we can assure that upon completion of a successful repair, the chip or crack will not crack further and the repair will pass any state vehicle inspection, or we will credit the cost of the repair toward a replacement windshield. In the very rare event that this takes place, we will credit the cost of the repair work either towards a new windshield or, in the event of insurance work, back to the insurance provider. Read our windshield repair limited warranty for more specifics.

Q: Will I have to wait with my vehicle?
No, you don’t need to wait with your vehicle, but please have your car keys available for the technician.

Q: Does a chipped windshield need to be repaired or replaced?
Repair versus replacement depends upon the size, location, and degree of the damage. In many cases, damage can possibly be repaired if the chip is a quarter-size or less, impacts only the outer layer of glass, and does not show up directly in the driver's view. Having said that, every case is unique. Regardless, a damaged windshield should be evaluated promptly.

Q: Does my windshield act as a safeguard?
If your windshield is installed properly it sure does! Auto manufacturers say your windshield offers up to 50% of the roof crush protection in a rollover car accident. It also provides the backstop support for your passenger-side airbag in a front end collision. Your windshield is also designed as one of the main safety restraint systems in your automobile. If your windshield were to pop out in a collision or rollover and you did not have your seat belt on or it were to fail you could be ejected from your motor vehicle.

Q: Is there a difference between my windshield and the other glass in the car?
Yes, there is. Windshield glass is laminated safety glass, designed to react differently in an auto accident, where the sides and rear are often tempered glass.

Q: It's only a small crack. Can I wait to have it repaired?
No. You really should never postpone. The windshield is a very important structural element of your car. If weakened because of untended damage, it will not offer optimal protection in an accident. Many small chips or surface cracks only affect the outer layer of the windshield, so it may possibly be mended before it gets any more serious and demands more time and money to repair.

Q: What will the auto glass shop most likely ask me when I call?
We need to know who your insurance company is and the year, make, and model of your vehicle, the type of damage you have and when and where you need the work performed.

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