Quarter Glass Replacement Services

The quarter glass on a vehicle is located towards the rear of the car, on the sides. This glass is most often made of tempered glass. Tempered glass is designed to explode into tiny fragments upon severe impact. This is a safety feature in your vehicle to prevent entrapment and having large pieces of glass inflict bodily harm during a crash. When you need vehicle quarter glass replacement services, you can count on Liberty AutoGlass for low pricing and fast service.

These can be bolt-in or glue-in types. The installation for this type of glass usually requires about an hour. We ask that you don’t drive with the windows down for 24 hours. The air pressure from open windows on the inside of the vehicle will put undue stress on the window seal until it is 100% set.

If it is a bolt-in type, there is no set time or concerns about an increase in cabin pressure. Quarter glasses can contain antennas for the radio or keyless entry and can be either lightly tinted like your windshield and front door glasses or darkly tinted for a more formal, private look.

On many minivans and SUV’s the quarter glasses can be different sizes depending on the specific model. For example, a Caravan and a Grand Caravan will have different length quarter glasses even though every other glass between the two models is the same.

Our customer service representatives will walk you through the process to determine the proper part needed to repair your vehicle. Click here to view our other auto glass replacement services.