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If you spend a lot of time on the road, RV windshield damage is bound to occur at some point in time. Rock chips, cracks, and deep scratches are problems that can start small. However, near-constant exposure to strong wind forces and the natural elements will definitely cause them to spread. Moreover, significant changes in outdoor temperatures can cause expansion and contraction glass that rapidly furthers these blemishes along. That’s why it’s important to have damaged auto glass assessed and repaired fast. But what happens when your RV windshield sustains damages? Are these problems preventable and how much will they cost to fix?

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How To Perform The Best RV Windshield Maintenance

Following is everything you need to know about RV windshield maintenance, including tips for having your windshield fixed or replaced in an affordable and timely fashion.

Your RV Windshield Is A High-Quality, Class A Windshield

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Dealing with a damaged car windshield is no picnic, but it’s not the end of the world. Given the higher quality of glass that’s used in an RV windshield, and the more complex nature of the pane design, however, a cracked, chipped, or deeply gouged windshield is cause for concern. That’s because this is necessarily a much more expensive repair than simply having a car windshield swapped out. In addition to costing a bit more and requiring a bit more time, RV windshield damages are also more likely. There is a far greater surface area for road debris to strike. Moreover, many people routinely take their RVs into areas where both natural debris and general road debris are more likely to be found.

The windshields used in RVs are known as Class A windshields. Not only are these products costly, but they are usually custom-made to fit the vehicles that they’ve been installed in. Finding a replacement Class A window for your RV can be next to impossible given that they’re rarely, if ever, in stock.

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What’s So Different About A Class A Window Design?

Class A RV windshields have a very unique design. These windshields typically come in two separate pieces that are then installed right next to one another. With perfect installation, neither you nor any of your passengers should be able to spot the seam.

Given their greater surface area, the nature of their application, and their design, these windows are additionally made from materials that are quite different from those use in standard auto windshields. While the windshield in your car has been designed with safety glass that’s bonded or laminated to a second pane, Class A windshields are simply made from much more durable and thicker panes. With all these factors in mind, it’s easy to see how a full-on RV windshield replacement can be costly.

How To Prevent The Need For RV Windshield Repairs

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Whether you’ve got a comfortable budget for RV repairs or not, staving off the need for a new windshield is important. Again, not only can this work be costly, but it can also mean having to have pieces custom-made. There are, however, several things that every RV owner can do to stave problems off. The following are just a few.

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Clean Your Windshield On A Regular Basis

Smooth, unblemished panes of glass will invariably last longer than those that have been roughed or otherwise abraded. Surprisingly, seemingly minor debris can be responsible for the roughing of your RV glass. Dead bugs and other dried organic matter can become quite hard over time. Eventual efforts to wash these away can leave your windshield glass marred in a variety of ways. As such, it’s best to regularly clean and dry your windshield, particularly before you park it for any significant amount of time.

Avoid Traveling Any Recently Sanded Roads

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Roads that have been recently sanded tend to be covered in tiny pebbles and other small stones. If you’re on the road with other traffic, this debris can be kicked up all around you. When possible, stay off of gravel roads entirely.

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Have Your Wiper Blades Checked And Replaced

Your windshield wiper blades should be replaced at least once every other year. However, you can have them checked every time your RV goes in for maintenance. This is important to do even if you’ve never had to use these blades. Damages from sun exposure and other outside elements can gradually break blade compounds down. If you turn your wipers on and the blades are worn, you may wind up damaging the glass.

Take Care Of Minor Problems As Soon As Possible

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Even small-sized blemishes can wind up being major problems. This makes it important to never put minor repairs off. Minor damages can usually be seamlessly repaired. Longer cracks and deeper chips, however, will eventually require full-on windshield replacement.

There’s another important thing to note about RV windshield designs. These products are manufactured with a thin film of ethylene-vinyl between two panes. This produces a formidable sound barrier and ensures that the glass doesn’t splinter or shatter on impact. When minor damages occur, moisture can seep in and reach the interior film. Once it does, it will lead to clouding that will necessitate a total windshield repair.

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Watch Out For Debris

Try to avoid traveling behind large trucks that are carrying heavy loads. Avoid dump trucks and other hauling vehicles that appear to release even small amounts of debris. Being mindful of your RV windshield while planning your chips and mapping out your roads is one of the most effective ways to avoid problems.

Should You Repair Or Replace Your RV Windshield?

Even with diligent maintenance and prevention, RV windshield damages are bound to occur. You’ll need to know how to deal with individual issues as they arise. For instance, in some instances, you may not want to pay the costs of a full replacement if suitable repairs can be performed at a mere fraction of the price. One thing to note is that repaired RV windshields will not be as clear as those that are installed brand new. There is often some manner of visible distortion or other evidence indicating a past or recently performed repair.

Another important thing to consider is that there is a marked difference between windshield replacement and windshield repair times. With two panes fused down the center of the windshield, drying times for new RV installations can take several days. With repairs, the work can be completed within just a matter of hours.

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