How Strong Is Modern Windshield Glass?

We often think of glass as a fragile material that shatters easily upon impact. This has been our experience with many glass-based objects in the past. So, it’s tempting to imagine auto glass as having the same tendencies. We’ve seen movies where the windshield shatters into pieces after hitting a tree or colliding with another car. However, the reality is that modern windshield glass is much stronger than this. Older auto glass may have been quick to break. However, current car glass has vastly improved thanks to new technologies, materials, and manufacturing processes.

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How Strong Is Auto Glass These Days?

In this article, we explore the strength level of modern windshields and auto glass.

Tempered Glass Characteristics

The windshields installed in cars today are composed of several layers. One of these layers contains tempered glass. This is a heat-treated material that is tougher than ordinary glass. Therefore, it does not easily get scratched or cracked. Tempered glass is also being used in phones to protect the screen and keep it pristine despite drops and scratches. At the front of a vehicle, tempered glass is better able to withstand strong winds, flying debris, and extreme temperatures. Clarity remains intact so drivers can focus on the road ahead instead of getting distracted by blemishes.


Lamination and Its Effects

Auto glass is also laminated to make it stronger. Two layers of tempered glass have a layer of industrial-grade plastic laminate in between. The laminate serves to keep everything in place. A heating process creates an effective bond that prevents the glass from shattering completely. Even if you hit the windshield repeatedly with a baseball bat, you will only see cracks developing on the surface but you will not witness the pieces falling off. These will remain stuck to the plastic despite your best effort to tear through the glass. This is a critical development for passenger safety.

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Reasons Behind Windshield Lamination

Thanks to lamination, the risk for injuries due to shattered glass is reduced. This used to be a major problem with older glass since shards would fly everywhere when the front panel breaks. Drivers and passengers would get cuts that led to blood loss. Some shards may even become embedded in muscle tissue, which makes them hard to retrieve. The increased strength due to lamination also makes modern vehicles more secure. Thieves can’t just use a crowbar to break the windows. They know that they would have to work much harder and longer. This thought is often enough to deter them from trying in the first place.


The Need to Restore Glass Strength

Although modern windshields are tougher, they are not invincible. They can still succumb to damage if enough force is applied. Cracks also weaken the panel such that even a minor impact can cause major damage. This might start out as chipping or pitting that goes unnoticed. Eventually, you will see a crack developing that gets larger with time. You need to have this repaired as soon as possible to restore the glass strength. This will also save you from tickets and hefty fines. Small cracks can still be fixed. Big cracks may be too late to repair, so you’ll have to resort to replacement.

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Replacement of Broken Windshields

You should always treat broken windshields as emergencies that require immediate action. After all, they can impair your vision, increasing your risk of collision. They will also compromise your security. The cost of replacement is not trivial, but this may be offset by insurance. Check with your provider about your coverage. Perhaps they can shoulder this service, and you won’t even have to shell out anything.

You can also shop around for affordable windshield repair or replacement rates around your area. Just make sure that you get high-quality glass made by the original equipment manufacturer or its equivalent. Using substandard glass is no good, as it may not be as strong as you need it to be. You might end up having to replace a poor quality windshield sooner than you’d like. Always opt for a reputable auto glass shop, like LIberty AutoGlass, for the best results.

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