Windshield Pitting: What You Need To Know

New cars roll out of the factories with pristine glass. Their shiny surfaces gleam under the sun. Over time, however, these panels eventually develop imperfections, including windshield pitting. Instead of being smooth throughout, they will have tiny craters across the glass. This will be evident if you look closely while cleaning your car. It may seem like a minor issue, but it can cause major problems if you do not address it as soon as possible. In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about this common phenomenon.

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Causes Of Windshield Pitting

Below, we discuss some common causes of windshield pitting.

1. Blowing Sand

In desert environments, sand gets swept by the wind in all directions. This can affect the glass, whether the vehicle is parked or in motion. With prolonged exposure, it would be as if someone wiped the surface with extremely coarse sandpaper.

image of car driving in a sandy area

2. Salty Air

If you live by the seaside, then your car will be exposed to salty air all the time. The salt particles can leave their mark if they hit the windshield at high speeds. Note that the air can carry the salts a considerable distance from the water. Pitting can happen to your glass even if you are just driving along a seaside road.

3. Road Debris

The wind is a major force, particularly during storms. It can make debris fly around to the detriment of unlucky drivers. Road debris is also a concern in highways, even in fair weather. Tires spinning at high speeds will sometimes propel small pebbles to the back.

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4. UV Rays

Exposure to ultraviolet light and heat may also cause the material to degrade. Pits will appear after a while and owners will have to repair the damage. It is vital to place a roof over the car to minimize damage due to the sun.

image of sun's rays on windshield

5. Polluted Air

Rain and snow can also contribute to the craters if they hit the glass with substantial force while carrying dust particles from pollution. Try not to leave your vehicle under the mercy of the elements.

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Risks Of Driving With A Pitted Windshield

Below, we discuss the complications of driving with a pitted windshield.

1. Vision Issues

Pitting may seem like a trivial cosmetic problem, but pitting can be dangerous. It may alter the way that you see light at night, making it blinding for an instant. That is all that it takes to miss a road sign that would have warned you about a danger ahead. You could hit a person who is trying to cross the street or another car that is coming from the opposite direction. Visibility should never be compromised when you’re driving, especially during the night when lots of accidents occur.

image of a car accident at night

2. Weakened Auto Glass

If allowed to persist for long, windshield pitting will only worsen to the point of weakening the glass. The way that it shatters will be altered from the original intent. It may not even hold when faced with a slight impact. Remember that the windshield is there to protect occupants during an accident. It cannot do its duty if its structural rigidity is compromised. It will not be as reliable in the event of a rollover or front end crash.

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3. Windshield Cracking

The pits can turn into cracks that grow by the day. This is an even bigger headache as the visual impairment and structural weakening are worse. Small pits can be repaired but windshield cracks are likely to require pitted windshield replacement. The latter is more costly, but it is a sensible investment in safety. It will also prevent apprehension by the authorities.


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