Extreme temperatures affect everyone and everything. People are not the only ones that are sensitive to hot and cold weather. Even cars can suffer damage when subjected to intense temperature fluctuations. The windshield is particularly vulnerable. Owners can protect them by exercising care and diligence when using or storing their vehicles. Below are just some of the most important things to keep in mind when dealing with unusual temperatures. By following the advice below, you will be able to avoid windshield stress cracks.

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How Cold Weather Affects Your Windshield

A cold environment will make most objects contract. On the other hand, a hot environment will make them expand. Solids will only change in size by a small amount but this can be enough to have significant implications. Windshields are no exception to this rule. The build-up of ice and snow on the surface of auto glass can also affect usage and maintenance. Fortunately, the damage is avoidable if the owner understands the roots of the problem and implements the proper solutions. In case things get worse, auto glass professionals can come in to perform repairs or replacements depending on the situation.

1. Windshield Chips From Improper Ice Removal

ice on frozen windshield

If you park your car outside, then you might find a build-up of ice when you return. You will need to remove this before you start to drive. How you do it can make a world of difference. If you are impatient, then you might start to hack away at the ice with any sharp tool at your disposal. Some use a knife to get rid of stubborn ice. Others might find a shovel to do it. While these might be useful, they could also cause incidental damage to the glass. Chips can develop from the stabbing motion. Get a windshield defrosting spray and an ice scraper instead and use a horizontal motion to avoid damage.

2. Windshield Cracks From Sudden Temperature Change

The contraction of objects due to cold weather can have a profound effect on buildings, power lines, and vehicles. Auto glass will contract in winter even if this will not be obvious to the naked eye. This phenomenon won’t break the windshield by itself. However, bad habits like turning the car heater to max settings should be avoided. Wanting to warm up the interiors right away is understandable. Nobody wants to sit inside a cold car for long. However, this rapid temperature fluctuation will cause the panel to expand from a contracted state. Hairline cracks may appear before too long. Use mild heater settings for gradual temperature change.

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3. Bad Visibility From Snow On The Roads

No one likes to drive through snowfall but sometimes you have to do it. The roads have poor visibility when this happens so you will need to be extra careful when driving. You should also have your windshield wipers moving all the time to clean the glass and make it easier to see outside. You might want to use high-quality washer fluid for the best results. Build up a good stock of this because you will need to use it a lot more in winter. If you don’t mind making an upgrade, then you could install special windshield wipers.


Hot Weather & Windshield Damage

cars and windshields in hot sun

Hot weather can be just as bad. Owners should take precautions even in the summer. The science still applies but in reverse due to shifts in environmental conditions. The lessons learned from winter windshield care continue to be useful.

1. Windshield Cracks From Rapid Cooling

Many will park their cars in an open parking lot when shopping for groceries or other doing other errands. The windshield will expand due to hours of exposure to scorching heat. When owners come back, they often crank the air conditioner to the highest setting for relief. This may cool down the interiors but it will also cause the glass to rapidly contract. The result is the same: the development of cracks across the panel. Cool things down slowly to reduce windshield stress.

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2. Broken Car Glass From Frequent Travel

cars driving on freeway depicting affect on car glass

There are more incidents of broken glass in the summer simply because people travel more. They go on road trips and adventures. They visit family and friends that they haven’t seen all year. In the process, they are exposed to more debris on the roads. They are also more likely to be involved in accidents. Any damage sustained should be repaired immediately by a competent auto glass technician.

Temperature can have adverse effects on windshields but owners have the power to prevent them. Even when damage is sustained, professional auto glass technicians are ready to help right away.

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