Why Does Summer Heat Impact Your Auto Glass?

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summer driving tipsWhen your windshield has damage on it, it impacts its ability to keep you safe in an accident. For this reason, it is crucial to repair or replace it as soon as possible.

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Trusted Windshield Repair Service Saylorsburg PA Talks About The Effect Of Summer Heat On Your Auto Glass

windshield crackJust like all other seasons, summer brings a mixture of good and bad things. The abundance of sunshine makes people want to go out more and explore. On the other hand, the scorching heat can also take its toll on people, pets, and even cars.

You should monitor windshields that have already sustained damage from previous accidents. They are particularly vulnerable to the effects of the summer heat. Cracks and chips tend to worsen during the season. If you wish to prevent this, then take your car to a windshield repair shop as soon as possible.

Expansion Due To The Hot Summer Sun

One of the biggest reasons for the accelerated damage is expansion. All forms of matter naturally grow in size when subjected to heat. The change tends to be more dramatic with gases, but solids like auto glass are affected, too. Even a small increase in size can be enough to wreak havoc on the windshield. Tiny cracks can grow into more substantial breaks on the panel because of mounting pressure. Pristine windshields may also develop new cracks if the glass expands beyond a certain point. These will only worsen with time unless professionals step in to perform the needed repairs.

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Fighting Extreme Heat And Extreme Cold

air conditioner and windshieldAnother reason for the summer windshield issues is the presence of two temperature extremes. It may be scorching hot outside because of the sun, but it can be quite cold on the inside due to the air conditioner.

This scenario is far too common.

Leaving the vehicle in an open parking lot will surely make the interiors baking hot. The natural tendency of motorists is to crank up their AC settings the minute they get in their car.

While this might make people more comfortable, the sudden contraction due to coldness can be too severe for the glass to handle, resulting in more cracks.

Protecting The Auto Glass From Damage

parking in the shadeKnowing that these might happen, motorists are in a far better position to prevent them. We can’t do anything about the sun, but we can shield the car from its harmful effects. Try to park the vehicle in the shade as much as possible. You can park under a tree, behind a tall structure, inside the garage, or anywhere that protects it from the harsh rays.

Another useful strategy is to leave the car windows open a gap open so that air does not get trapped inside. Even if it does get hot inside, the warm air will be able to escape through the opening such that heat will not build up too much. Once owners get in, it would be prudent to turn up the air conditioner slowly so that the glass has ample time to adapt to the change in temperature.

Of course, the best method to use is to take the car to a windshield repair shop as soon as damage becomes visible. Do not wait for the summer heat to make it worse before taking action. Schedule a visit right away. All you have to do is a search for “windshield repair near me”, “windshield replacement come to you”, or “mobile auto glass repair near me” to find a reputable shop in your area.



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