we care

Why Should WE Care?!

From everywhere you get inundated by everyone telling you how you should care about something. Why does anyone care what you think or how you feel about something? It is because they want you to act on what they are telling you. Often it is for very good reasons, such as bringing to your attention […]

windshield in an old car

The History of Windshields

Windshields have evolved over time but their primary purpose is just as valid today as it was when they were first introduced, to protect drivers and passengers from outside elements and flying objects. The first windshields were placed on cars in 1904. These were simply horizontally-divided pieces of plate glass. They type of glass that […]

Cheap Windshield Repair May No Be The Best Idea

CHEAP HEART SURGERY !? Would you try to save money by shopping for the cheapest heart surgeon? That sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? You would never put your life in the hands of someone solely offering the cheapest price! Same goes for shopping around to find the cheapest lawyer if you were accused wrongly of a crime. Would […]

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