We care about your auto glass needs and safetyFrom everywhere you get inundated by everyone telling you how you should care about something. Why does anyone care what you think or how you feel about something? It is because they want you to act on what they are telling you. Often it is for very good reasons, such as bringing to your attention some very real need in our world, or to educate you on something that has some value to you.

All too often you are asked to care about something that is in all reality not very important in the overall view of life. Madison Avenue and Hollywood base their existence on this. It really doesn’t matter what some reality star is doing or which sitcom you watch, it does matter how we treat other people. Notice I said “we”!

Why should we care?

You may be asking yourself what is the difference with what we do at Liberty Autoglass every day in contrast to Madison Avenue or Hollywood. We want you to use our services and buy our products, it is the only way we can survive, but we also care about how we treat you.

Auto Glass Replacement Services

We are driven to be the best we can be for you! Our customers very seldom want to have to use our services, instead they reluctantly need to spend money or time or both to have their vehicle’s glass repaired or replaced. We often feel like the dentist in that regard. When we interact with you we know that we have the ability to make your situation either better or worse. A good dentist can put your troubles and fears at ease, we want to do that for you too! A bad dentist can cause you a lot of hardship now and down the road. We don’t want to do that!

What does our caring about you look like? It is a commitment from beginning to end to be the best we can be and honor our commitment to this in the future if necessary.

  • You deserve to be treated with courtesy and honesty when you contact us!
  • You deserve to be guided through the harrowing insurance claim process if needed!
  • You deserve to be told everything you need to know about your costs with no hidden tricks!
  • You deserve to know your options as to how we can service your needs!
  • You deserve to have us follow through on what we say we will do!
  • You deserve to be notified if something unforeseen happens!
  • You deserve to have your vehicle fixed properly!
  • You deserve to have your family’s safety put first and foremost!
  • You deserve to have your investment protected!
  • You deserve to be treated like a human being!
  • You deserve that WE should care!

If you or someone you know needs to have an auto glass repair, contact us. We care about YOU! We offer complete, mobile repair services. Click through to view or service area.