Minor Auto Glass Damage Dangers: What You Should Know

Everyone has a friend who has driven a car around for months with a sizable crack in the windshield. Many think, “If a friend can do it, then why can’t I drive around with a tiny little crack?”

For some people, the price tag for fixing or replacing a windshield is not something that fits into the budget or schedule. However, they do not realize that tiny cracks or chips can lead to significant issues down the road.

Auto glass damage dangers are a reality that every driver should be aware of.  Auto glass is one of the primary safety features of the car, and any damage to it disrupts the structural integrity of the window. A little crack can become a big problem when the driver least expects it.

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Minor Auto Glass Damage: Is It Really That Dangerous?

In this article, we discuss some of the dangers associated with damaged auto glass.

Small Cracks Can Create Minor Distractions

auto glass damage while drivingA small crack can unexpectedly refract light; it can grow at an inopportune moment and distract the driver. Just the fact that the crack is there can cause frustration and detract from the driver’s ability. Cracks in side-mirrors could compromise the driver’s ability to see other cars effectively. What feels like a minor inconvenience can create a dangerous situation out of nowhere.

Windshields Are Highly Engineered Wonders Of Technology

To most people, a windshield is just a piece of glass; they do not realize all the technology that goes into a windshield. Windshields are typically made of two pieces of curved safety glass with a plastic layer for separation; this prevents shards of glass from flying during a collision. Side windows are often made of tempered glass, due to the lower frequency of collisions. The shape and thickness of the glass are engineered to distribute force. A tiny windshield crack in the wrong place can disrupt the distribution of force and exacerbate injury during an accident.

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Airbags, Windshields and Other Safety Features Work In Concert

airbag deployment in a carA car’s airbag deploys with tremendous force, which is necessary to stop a passenger from flying into the windshield or steering column. As more airbags and safety features are added to vehicles, it becomes more important that they are in proper working order. The failure of one could create a domino effect that could kill or maim instead of saving lives.

A cracked windshield could hamper an airbag and prevent it from doing its job. Your windshield is a “backstop” for the airbags on your passenger side. When these airbags deploy, they bounce upward and off of the windshield as a way to protect the passenger. These airbags prevent the passenger from going headfirst into the glass during an accident. Therefore, if your windshield is compromised, it can prevent the proper deployment of the airbags.

Small Fixes Are Cheaper

A tiny crack in a windshield can often be fixed without the need to replace the entire windshield. The cost of windshield repairs is significantly less than an entire window replacement. Insurance companies often have separate sections in an insurance policy that covers damaged or broken glass. The deductible is usually lower and will rarely end up impacting the insurance rates in the future. Taking the time to deal with the tiny problem before it becomes a major hassle is vital.

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Temperature Changes Can Shatter Glass

shattered windshieldAs the temperature changes, glass contracts and expands. For windshields, this is normally not an issue because it is built into the design. The problem occurs when a tiny crack inserts a bit of chaos into the equation, causing the crack to expand. In drastic temperature changes, the glass can even shatter. Coming out after work to a shattered window can leave the owner looking for a criminal when the culprit was heat and a tiny pebble.

Is A Tiny Bit Of Auto Glass Damage Dangerous?

The answer to the question above is a definite yes. While it may seem that a chip is nothing to worry about, it can easily expand into a serious problem at a moment’s notice. The cost to repair the problem is reasonable, and can often be done on location. The key to any road trip is safety, and gambling life and limb on a small chip is irresponsible. A windshield that suddenly shatters while at high speeds on the freeway is just the first step in a chain that leads to an unfortunate accident.

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