3 Windshield Damage Mistakes You Should Never Make

Transportation plays a large part in how we spend our time. We commute to and from work, visit loved ones, or simply drive around to complete errands. Unfortunately, car accidents, driving on roads with potholes, busy highways with industrial trucks, or unpaved roads may lead to debris cracking our windshield.

It is possible to be a perfect driver and still experience windshield damage. Pressure changes can lead to cracks. Severe temperature changes may lead to unexpected damage. Also, thieves who use crude tools can easily damage the windshield. Small stones or other pieces of debris can fly up and chip your windshield.

When someone has a damaged windshield, the best way to deal with it is to consult with a professional. However, at Liberty AutoGlass, we find that there are three common mistakes that car owners make.

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Windshield Repair Topton PA: Three Windshield Damage Mistakes You Should Never Make

In this article, we discuss three windshield damage mistakes you should never make.

Delaying Car Windshield Repair

auto glass repairAs soon as the car windshield is damaged, many people improperly assess the problem. They might feel like it’s not that serious. For this reason, they may delay repairing it for a few days or even weeks. The first common mistake is to not seek professional help immediately for the car windshield damage.

Homemade remedies like nail polish are not effective and can lead to more damage. Clearly being able to see what is on the road is important, especially after the damage has happened. Thick duct tape or strong glues can offset the clarity of the windshield in adverse driving conditions. Rain, snow, or fog can further distort the view through the car windshield when a crack is present. Reaction time can be impacted when a driver has a distorted view. This issue is problematic for people who are driving with children, pets, or while paying attention to GPS directions.

Therefore, if you have any windshield damage, call Liberty AutoGlass right away.

Performing DIY Auto Glass Or Windshield Repair

There are many DIY videos on the internet that explain how to perform a DIY windshield repair. You can also find windshield repair kits for purchase. However, it’s one thing to watch these videos and it another to repair a windshield yourself. The person doing the repair may be an auto glass technician who has years of experience in the industry. The results can rarely be duplicated by a novice, trying it for the first time. Improper repair work can lead to the entire windshield needing a replacement. It is never a good idea to perform DIY windshield repair, especially since your windshield is one of the primary safety features of your car. This task is best left for the professionals.

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Removing Shattered Car Windshields

Minor damage to the windshield can lead to shattering. This can be on the front or back windshield or any window within the car. There is no safe way to take the windshield out once it has shattered. This amount of damage requires immediate auto glass service. Trying to push out a shattered windshield without the proper materials and training can create additional problems. Removing the car window safely in a single piece is challenging. Kicking or using the wrong tools can lead to unexpected cuts.

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A professional should always perform auto glass repairs and replacements. Many car insurance plans will cover all or part of the repair. Not all repair work done will require a full replacement to the car windshield. Letting a professional look at the windshield helps to get an estimate on repair costs quickly. The longer a cracked windshield is left unattended, the more unpredictable the glass becomes. A minor repair could easily turn into a much larger expense if it is not attended to. Personal safety while driving should be a top priority. Use these tips when you have a windshield that is damaged.

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