How Outside Temperature Affects Your Auto Glass

Outdoor temperatures fluctuate throughout the day. Mercury usually rises during the day and drops during the night. The extremes will be dictated by the region, the season, and other factors.

We should be able to stay comfortable in cars with our heating and air conditioning systems. However, people tend to crank the HVAC system in their car when outdoor temperatures are very hot or very cold. Unfortunately, their auto glass suffers due to these rapid fluctuations in temperature.

How Outside Temperature Affects Your Auto Glass

In this article, we discuss how the weather outdoors impacts your auto glass.

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Contraction & Expansion Of Your Windshield

Below, we discuss the contraction and expansion of your auto glass. We also cover how your HVAC impacts this process.

1. Contraction Of Your Auto Glass Due To Cold

cracked windshieldIn the winter, thermometers can record single-digit temperatures. It can even drop below zero in the worst years. Exposure to frigid cold can cause materials to contract.

The windshield can develop major cracks across the surface due to stress. The glass may even shatter if it cannot withstand the pressure. The presence of tiny flaws such as dings and scratches increase the chances of further damage.

Furthermore, when your windshield is cold and your crank your heater, it causes further damage due to sudden change in temperature.

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2. Expansion Of Your Auto Glass Due To Heat

hvac and auto glassProblems can occur because of the way that owners use their vehicles. For example, they might try to warm up their car by setting the defrost function on full power. They are in a hurry to go to work, so they want to speed up the process. However, this impatience can lead to damage as it allows little time for the materials to adapt to the conditions.

Previously in a contracted state, the glass will be forced to expand quickly because of the heat and may develop cracks in the process.

Since winter is around the corner, now might be a good time to have the glass repaired if you see any flaws on the surface. Fix the rock chips and minor cracks today, so they won’t have a chance to get worse in the future due to temperature swings.

Where Condensation Comes From On Your Auto Glass

Another issue to watch out for is condensation on the windshield. Some causes are benign, while others are not. For example, it is common to see the outside of the glass get foggy. The moist air around the car condenses due to the cold. On the other hand, this phenomenon can also happen inside the vehicle when the heater is running, and moisture builds up on the windshield. Interior condensation calls for professional attention.

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How To Defog Your Car Windows

driving in the winterIf you are experiencing fogged up glass all the time, then learn how to deal with it depending on the season. There are easy ways to ensure that your auto glass turns clear in no time.

1. Defogging Your Windshield During The Cold Months

Reduce the interior temperature and humidity to harmonize with the outdoor conditions. This means turning on the air conditioner and waiting for the desired effect. An alternative is to open the windows to let the humid air escape to the outside. If you have a bit more time, then you may consider running the heater for at least 15 minutes before driving. The heat should reduce interior humidity. Open the garage door before doing this for safety.

2. Defogging Your Car Windows During The Warm Months

Roll the car windows down to balance in the indoor and outdoor temperature. Use the windshield wipers to remove the condensation. Once the windshield is no longer foggy, close the windows and use the AC as you normally would.


The Importance of Auto Glass Repair Or Replacement For Safe Driving

Small flaws can develop into major headaches if owners fail to fix these right away. Minor cracks and chips are cheap to repair. However, major damage calls for costly replacements. Still, it is better to take action quickly, no matter the cost. After all, windshields can only protect vehicle occupants from impact if they are structurally sound themselves. Proactive care is necessary for safe driving.

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