How To Reduce Glare On Your Windshield

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Now that the summer is right around the corner, it is vital to make sure that you are prepared. Families tend to enjoy going on outdoor adventures such as hiking, going to the lake, and camping. However, to make sure that you are fully prepared, you need to make sure that your car can keep you safe. One aspect of driving safely during the beautiful weather is to ensure that you prevent visual impairments such as glare.

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Auto Glass Repair New Ringgold PA: How To Reduce Glare On Your Windshield

Driving with impaired vision is dangerous. Glare can compromise our ability to see our surroundings and react to hazards. We should expect to encounter this phenomenon day or night. We should also be prepared to encounter it and reduce its effects for our own safety. Below are five easy ways in which we can minimize glare on our windshields:

1. Avoid Direct Viewing Of Incoming Traffic

blinding headlightsThe simplest way to do it is to avoid looking at incoming traffic when driving at night. Sometimes motorists crank up their lights to see better without thinking of how this can affect other drivers on the road. This light can be so bright that people cannot see anything else. If you sense an oncoming vehicle, then focus your attention on the white line at the middle of the road and other visual markers to approximate speed and distance. These should enable you to maneuver well despite the intense luminosity.

2. Use The Visor Or Sunglasses During Daytime

Every car has a visor located in front of the driver’s seat. Fold it down to block the sun’s glare so that you can look ahead without being blinded by sunlight. Doing so can be especially useful if heading east in the morning or heading west in the afternoon when the sun is low on the horizon. However, sometimes this is not enough to shield you from glare. The fixed height of the visor might make it impractical for someone short, for example. Wearing sunglasses might be a better option in this case as the eye protection will be right where it needs to be at all times.

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3. Consider Having The Windshield Tinted

A bare windshield can be highly vulnerable to glare. You can help it to manage light better through tinting. A layer of good quality tint can make a massive difference for you as a driver. The road will be visible, but the light will not be overwhelming. The whole panel does not need to be covered. Make sure that the strip at the top is tinted at the very least. This should perform similar to a longer and wider permanent visor.

4. Clean The Windshield Regularly

Dirt can scatter light and make glare worse than it already is. It would be in your best interest if you could clean the windshield regularly to prevent dirt build-up. Get a glass cleaner from an auto shop to get the best results. Use this solution on the inside and the outside of the front panel. Of course, you can also use it for the side windows and the car mirrors. Microfiber towels and squeegees are good tools to use for this purpose. Remove hardened substances like tree saps, bugs, and stubborn dirt.

5. Repair Windshield Chips, Cracks, And Pits

windshield repairIf you notice any damage on the surface of the glass, then send the car for windshield repairs as soon as possible. Any chips, cracks, or pits can enhance the glare on your windshield. Consequently, they can create a visual impairment.

If you choose to tint your windshield, it would be best for you to fix this before any tint is applied. The film will not be able to stick to the surface well unless you have dealt with the problem areas. You should have visible cracks and chips fixed first. Professional glass technicians will fill them up for a smooth surface.

Just be aware that some issues might not be apparent with a quick visual inspection. You will have to place your hand over the glass to feel your way across it. If you find lumps and dents, then ask the pros to sand it down to make it even. Be sure to hire a reputable auto glass repair company for the job. For those in northeastern PA, be sure to call Liberty AutoGlass.

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