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When you need an auto glass replacement quote or an auto glass instant quote, then look no further than Liberty AutoGlass. We offer the best prices for superior auto glass services in the area. You can trust our trained and experienced experts to do a great job on time, every time. We always keep your safety in mind, and we guarantee our work. Customer satisfaction is very important to us. We service Frisbie PA and the surrounding areas. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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Common Mistakes When Cleaning Your Auto Glass

car cleaning tipsWhen operating a car, it is essential to keep the windshield and auto glass spotless. It keeps you safe, and it helps you avoid an accident. Drivers need and should always have a clear view of the road when driving. There are simple ways to keep the auto glass clean, but many people make mistakes when cleaning their vehicle’s windows and windshield. Using the following tips will help you avoid making these common mistakes when cleaning your auto glass.

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Dry Glass

One of the top mistakes is cleaning your car’s glass when it is dry. If you do this, the glass could become scratched by unseen dust particles that remain on the glass. Over time, these scratches weaken the auto glass and can make it susceptible to further damage. Use a wet cloth or specially formulated glass cleaner instead.

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car window replacement quote in frisbie paAnother mistake people make when cleaning their auto glass is using soap. Auto glass has a special protective coating that soap and detergents can harm. It is imperative to use cleaning solutions designed especially for auto glass. Glass cleaners are formulated to keep the auto glass in good condition, which is why it is highly advised to use them.

Ammonia Or Alcohol

Avoid using ammonia or alcohol when cleaning your windows. In fact, make sure the auto glass cleaner does not contain either of these or any other harsh chemicals. Ammonia and alcohol emit toxic fumes that could damage the coating on the glass as well as the tint. Plus, the fumes could be hazardous to your health if breathed in, which is another good reason to avoid using ammonia to clean your auto glass.

Paper Towels Or Newspaper

cleaning car windowsNever use paper towels or newspaper to clean auto glass due to the act that they are rough and can scratch, mar, or streak the surface of the glass. This is true even when paper towels are moistened. Paper towels can also leave lint on the glass. For best results, use a top-quality microfiber cloth designed to clean glass. These cloths are soft and lint-free and will not scratch or streak the glass or leave behind any lint, dirt or debris.

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What To Do When Your Windows Are Foggy

From time to time, car windows fog over. Typically, people will wipe fogged windows with a dirty cloth or tissue that could harm the glass. Also, people tend to use their hands to wipe the glass, which could leave an oily residue on the glass. Instead of wiping foggy windows with a cloth or with your hand, use the car’s defogger.


Auto Glass Replacement Quote Frisbie PA

These tips will help car owners avoid making common mistakes when cleaning their auto glass. However, auto glass can become severely scratched or marred and will need to be repaired or replaced by a reputable and well-established professional.

Always make sure to find the best auto glass repair and don’t choose cheap auto windshield replacement alone. Look for the best value for your money. So, instead of choosing the cheapest windshield replacement near me, find an auto glass shop that has honest prices along with skilled, quality work. Since your auto glass is a primary safety feature in your car, going for the cheapest quote available isn’t worth the bargain.

If you think it is time for an auto glass repair or replacement and you need to find the best windshield replacement cost near me, we urge you to call Liberty AutoGlass. We also offer windshield replacement come to you, or mobile auto glass services. When using our mobile services, you can repair or replace your auto glass at your convenience. Call us today to set up an appointment. We have been in business for years and guarantee that our skilled and highly trained technicians will do an outstanding job of either repairing or replacing your auto glass.

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