How To Prevent Side Mirror Damage

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Car owners should pay more attention to their side mirrors. After all, these are essential parts of the vehicle’s visibility and monitoring system. They alert drivers about incoming vehicles so that necessary adjustments can be made. These also help in tricky situations when maneuvering the car can be difficult. In reality, most people will only focus on the mirrors if they sustain some type of damage. Since this can compromise driver safety, immediate action must be taken to fix the problem. Of course, it would be better if such damage could be prevented in the first place.

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Side Glass Repair Kutztown PA: How To Prevent Side Mirror Damage

In this article, we will discuss some tips for proactive prevention:

Don’t Leave Your Car In A High-Risk Area

broken side glass in carThere are things that you can control including where you leave your car when you are out on an errand or a night out. Assess your surroundings before picking a spot. There is a higher risk of damage in some areas compared to others.

For example, if you park under a tree, then you run the risk of fruits and branches falling on the glass and mirrors. If you park at the side of a busy street, then people or cars may bang into the side mirrors and side glass and break them accidentally. There are also places that may be prone to vandalism.

Be Very Careful When Parking In Kutztown

Once you have identified a safe place, park carefully to ensure that the sides will not scrape anything. This task can be difficult if you are trying to park in a tight space. You have to be wary of the vehicles situated at both sides of the spot you want to occupy. It would be helpful if you have someone providing directions from the outside as they can see things that you may not be able to. They can warn you if you are making a dangerous move. If at all possible, perhaps you can choose to park where there are fewer vehicles even if you have to walk farther to get to your destination.

Drive Safely & Do Not Run The Red Light

T-bone accidents can inflict significant damage to the side mirrors, side glass, and the rest of the car. This type of collision happens when the front of a vehicle collides with the side of another car.

For example, the traffic light at an intersection just turned from green to red. A driver did not stop to heed the light thinking that the perpendicular street was empty. He went straight across in a hurry, not knowing that a vehicle was approaching fast. Consequently, his car was hit before he knew it. Always follow traffic rules to be safe.

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Mind The Space When Ordering At A Drive-Through

side glass repair paAnother common cause of side mirror damage is driving too close to drive through windows, ATMs, and similar facilities. Mind the space when you are trying to use these things. While it is easier to make transactions if you are close to the terminals, overdoing it can lead to a self-induced accident which can lead to side mirror and side glass damage as well. After a bit of practice, you should be able to estimate the perfect distance.

Be Gentle When Washing Your Car’s Mirrors

Another thing to avoid is having too much zeal when cleaning the side mirrors. While it is great to wash them regularly, you must be careful not to be so vigorous that you end up scratching the smooth surface or even breaking the glass somehow. Use the appropriate cleaning solutions and be gentle when completing this task.

In case you side glass or mirror does need replacement, call for professional help. Do not attempt to drive with missing, cracked, or distorted glass. Do not be complacent if you can’t move it at all, if it is hanging down, or it has somehow is detached. Without a good mirror, your safety is compromised.

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Be sure to repair any auto glass damage immediately. Doing so will help keep you and your passengers safe when driving.

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