Auto glass is often overlooked. When people check out the newest car models, they are more interested in the styling, color, and seating capacity. They view the glass as a mere transparent barrier. Windshields truly deserve more respect as it is a primary safety feature. They also have an interesting past and a promising future. Their abilities have gotten so much better since they were first introduced in the car industry.

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6 Fun Auto Glass Facts

The following are six fun auto glass facts that may change the way you view this humble panel of car glass:

1. A Lucky Accident Led To Shatterproof Glass Invention

image of glass shattering

In the old days, manufacturers used regular glass to shield drivers from the wind. There was no other option back then. These panels were able to block the wind as intended, but they became dangerous when the cars got into accidents. They would shatter into countless pieces and cause injuries instead of protecting the occupants. People would get severe cuts all over their bodies and lose a lot of blood. Fortunately, a French chemist was able to discover shatterproof glass by accident. Edouard Benedictus dropped a flask that was coated in cellulose nitrate, yet the glass did not shatter. He patented this invention in 1909. Laminated glass was also used in full-face gas masks in World War I.

2. Today’s Mandatory Windshields Were Yesterday’s Luxury Items

Driving at any considerable speed will make the wind hard to ignore. Even motorcycle riders have to wear a helmet with a face shield or at least some form of eye protection. Yet windshields were actually an optional item when automobiles first came into the market. It was considered a luxury item that you could add on if you were willing to pay a premium. These were nothing more than thin glass sheets that were quick to get dirty. Owners could fold them down so they wouldn’t obstruct the view. It was only in 1915 when windshields became a standard feature.

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3. A Woman Invented Windshield Wipers

image of a classic car with windshield wipers

Dirt on windshields was one of the major challenges confronting manufacturers. There was no doubt that the glass panels were useful, but the way that they picked up dirt meant that owners had to clean them often, or else they would limit road vision. Inventors were racing to find solutions until a woman beat the rest of the field. In 1903, Mary Anderson was awarded a patent for wiper blades. She referred to it by the generic term window-cleaning device. As for controllable intermittent wipers, the patent went to Raymond Anderson who invented it in 1923.

4. Windshields Claims Dominate The Auto Insurance Industry

When it comes to car damage, people might think that collisions are the number one problem and that dents would be the most common result. The reality is that car insurers count more windshield-related claims every year than other forms of automobile damage. In fact, they make up around 30% of all vehicle insurance claims. These can be attributed to cracks, chips, and hail damage. Since these issues are hard to ignore, owners make use of their policies to get financial help from insurance providers. They can call for windshield repairs or replacement, depending on the nature and extent of the damage.

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5. Proper Airbag Deployment Relies On Windshields

airbag deployment in a car

Engineers factor in the immediate environment when designing airbags and their deployment. Since modern windshields are shatterproof, they can be counted upon to stay intact upon impact. The airbags automatically deploy with the glass helping them achieve the proper positioning to protect the car’s occupants. Therefore, it is vital to have your windshield repair or replaced when it is damaged as it ensures the proper deployment of your airbags.

6. Smart Glass Is The Future Of Automobiles

smart windshield

Auto glass has come a long way from its humble beginnings. It has become shatterproof and obtained special wipers. Modern ones have UV filters for interior protection and tints for enhanced privacy. Tiny cracks used to require immediate replacement, but now they can be fixed with resin. Sensors are now embedded in the glass to alert drivers about road obstacles and other hazards with ADAS technology. Other smart features, such as the display of maps, directions, weather forecasts, and additional information, are likely to follow.

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