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Snow presents a number of challenges for drivers and commuters alike. Snow and ice change the texture of the road, making it more difficult for tires to maintain a good grip while the car is running. Winter conditions can be tough or they can be deceptively smooth. Keep safe while driving during winter by reading these practical tips on how to drive in snow.

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How To Drive Safely During The Winter Weather

Below we outline some winter driving tips that can help keep you safe.

Make Sure You Have Clear Visuals

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When driving in poor conditions, remove any distractions such as toys and ornaments. This is especially important if they are obstructing your view. If your car has some type of auto glass damage such as windshield cracks, have it repaired or replaced immediately. Liberty AutoGlass, out of Leighton, PA can provide you with the necessary car glass services to keep you safe, especially during winter. Call today to schedule a free estimate.

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Get Your Car Checked

Have a trusted mechanic inspect your vehicle before taking it for a ride in snowy conditions. A simple tune-up will help identify any potential issues and fix them before they worsen or leave you stranded in the middle of the road. A reliable car will keep you safe even in the worst conditions.

Plan Your Driving Route

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Never venture out during icy or snowy conditions if you only have a vague idea of where to go. If the trip is necessary, make sure you have a map or a GPS system that you can rely on. It is also important that you are familiar with the route and directions. Check the traffic and the road conditions along the way. Having access to emergency services will help keep you safe in case you need assistance. Before your trip, leave information about your purpose, route, and vehicle to someone you trust, such as a friend or family member. You could also inform someone at your destination about your trip so they know when to expect you.

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Drive Slow And Smooth

Snow on the ground reduces traction, which means that your tires will not be as effective in “hugging” the road. As such, your vehicle will be more prone to slipping. Drive at a slower speed than normal and try not to make sudden stops and starts with your car. Be gradual and gentle with steering and using the brakes and accelerator.

If you need to accelerate or decelerate, try to do so slowly and gently. If you speed up too quickly or hit the brakes too hard, your car could skid. Gradually decelerate when approaching a stoplight. Your tires lack the normal traction they had when road conditions are better, so it will take more time for your vehicle to come to a complete stop. Better yet, try to drive very slowly a few feet from the stoplight so you do not have to stop completely and start again when the light turns green.


Get Your Brakes Checked

You need to be sure that your brakes will work when and where you need them most. Have them checked and tested before venturing out during cold weather.

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Keep Your Distance From Other Cars

Be extra wary of other cars on the road, especially those that are ahead of you. Try to keep a minimum of six seconds while driving behind other cars. This should give you enough time and space to slow down and bring your car to a stop to avoid a collision.


Prepare Your Car For Cold Weather

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Even if you have a reliable car heater, consider packing gear that will protect you against the cold. These include warm clothing, blankets, caps, gloves, food, and water. Keep emergency equipment in your car, such as a flashlight, fresh batteries or charger, medications, flares, jumper cables, snow shovels, signal flares, and a glass scraper, among other things. It is also a good idea to ensure that your fuel tank is at least half-full while on the road. If you have extra fuel in a container in the car, that would even be better. Make sure your cellphone is fully charged or at least have access to a charger.

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Know Your Driving Conditions

Check the local weather before leaving your home. If you are aware of what lies ahead, you will be better prepared when making decisions along the way. If you are going for a long drive, make sure you know what the weather will be like along the route you are taking. During the trip, keep connected to the internet or the radio to remain updated regarding weather conditions.

Ask Yourself  Do You Really Have To Go?

If there really is no urgent situation that will require you to drive during heavy snow, consider staying put at home or in a safe place. If you could postpone a trip, do so. Your skills as a driver will mean nothing against the elements. If going out and driving is not absolutely necessary, stay safe indoors.


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