Vehicle Sensor Maintenance In The Winter Season

car sensors on windshield

When the temperature drops, a lot of different things can start to go wrong with a car. It is essential to stay on top of everything to avoid any major issues.

Vehicle sensor maintenance might not be the first thing people think of as potential winter season issues, but if a person is paying for all these advanced safety features in new cars, they need to work correctly, especially during inclement weather.

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Lehigh County Auto Glass Repair: How To Handle Vehicle Sensor Maintenance

The first step to proper vehicle sensor maintenance in the winter months is actually to know where they are located. A lot of people don’t even know where they are until something goes wrong. It’s important to read the car’s manual so that everything can be cleared off if snow or mud is blocking something important.

The Location Of Most Vehicle Sensors

driving in snowstormMost vehicle sensors are located in a few critical areas of the car. The windshield is essential, and for the most part, people do a great job at cleaning the windshield off during the winter so they can see. Just make sure that the entire windshield is cleaned off, not just where the wipers work. Automakers will sometimes put sensors and cameras behind the windshield. Therefore, it is crucial that you take that little bit of extra time to brush off everything.

The grille and car bumpers in the front and back of a car are sometimes overlooked, but they house a number of sensors. The bumpers specifically usually have the parking alert systems installed. People tend to clean off the front of their car for superficial reasons, but the rear bumper is too often overlooked. With vehicle sensors on cars now, it is more important than ever to keep things clear. As for the grille, remember to clear off not only the front but even inside the crevices so that there is not a ton of build up in the future.

Rear body quarter panels are also glanced over by a lot of people during cold winter months, but cameras can sometimes be located there for blindspots. Since it is nearly impossible to see things in that area anyway, blocking the cameras can make the vehicle sensors ineffective. The good news is that this is a straightforward thing, for the most part, to keep clear. There are no crevices or anything like that to cause issues.

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The Importance of A Clear, Intact Windshield

auto glassA quick clear off of a windshield might seem like enough, but this is the most critical part of the vehicle as far as vehicle sensor maintenance is concerned. That is because even the smallest crack or hole in the windshield can cause a lot of issues for a car owner.

Getting a windshield replaced during the winter months is easy, but should only be handled by experts. If an auto glass expert does not install a windshield correctly, this can negatively impact the sensors on the vehicle. It also impacts the heating, the level of protection and more. You should never work with an auto glass company that takes shortcuts when it comes to a windshield installation or windshield repair.

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Final Thoughts

It can be very easy to try to rush things when clearing off a car in the morning when the weather is cold and/or snowy. Some so many people feel like if the windows are cleared off, then everything is good to go. Remember that blocked vehicle sensors do not work. When there is bad weather in the area, drivers need these sensors more than ever. Stay on top of everything and you will able to drive safely throughout the winter season.

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